Buying kid lit books.

  • Does any other parent get a whole stack of new children’s books, study the composition, value, shape language, and the writing before letting their kids even look at the books? I am realizing I do this a lot.

  • I do it too. For my birthday, I asked for children's books. I also check out books for my kids at the library and like to look at them as much as they do. It is nice to know that someone else does this too 😊.

  • Yup! That'd be me.

  • Lmao, that's great! I have a stack of my own that the kiddos have to ask permission to borrow.

  • @BradAYoo my wife won’t let me go that far. Lol.

  • @Kim-Rosenlof before the lockdown here every 2 weeks or so, I would take my kids to the library so could get some books. I would tell my 2 kids they can get 2 books each. Usually we would walk out of library with 4 to 6 books, plus the 4 book my kids picked.

  • I chose books from the library for the art alone. Then, when I'm trying to read them to my kids, and they're asking why I'm not reading or turning the page, I have to tell them mommy just needs one more minute to look at the pictures, 😆

  • I do not get enough picture books from the English language publishers in my local library (in Norway). So I ask my mom sending boxes of boxes books from China - a lot of good picture books from the UK and US publishers were being translated in Chinese, but not so much in Norwegian. So I use Caldecott award winning picture books to teach my kid Chinese while I get to study the composition, value, shape languages at the same time. These books are spreader around my kid room, our living room, and my studio. I often need to run to my kid room looking for a reference or art inspiration for my current project. haha... The only thing though, I had to go to Youtube to find the read-aloud videos to experience the beauty of the English language in these books.

    I am also getting Japanese picture books translated in Chinese, and some Chinese picture books too. It is fun to read picture books from different culture. The storytelling sometimes can be very different. Recently, my mom sent me a lot of books by a Taiwanness artist called Jimmy Liao. My kid really enjoy his books, even though his picture books feel more like a long novel (normally like 150 pages story).

  • SVS OG

    Haha! No, because my daughter is grown now, but when she was little I did tend to pick books whose illustrations I particularly liked. And it is true that we'd bring home a stack of 20 from the library and I was as excited as she was. Now that she has taken some of her childhood books with her, I'm building a new private stash.

    @xin-li Is there an Amazon Norway? As much as I like to support local books, I have been able to find a decent number of English language picture books on that I can't find in the few English language bookshops. If there's not, at least one of the European countries should be able to ship them to you for not too terribly much. I used to be able to get them from the UK as well, though that may be harder now.

  • @LauraA hehe. yes. I can get English books online. I do buy picture book in English language sometimes, but mainly for myself. I was hoping for more picture books to be translated into Norwegian. My daughter does not speak English yet, so either I have to do oral translation to Chinese, or Dad has to do oral translation to Norwegian when we read English books - adding an extra challenge around bedtime routine. Haha... Especially when I am tired 😃

    Very grateful for my mom sending all these picture books in Chinese edition.

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    @xin-li Oh, sorry, I seem to have gotten your point turned around!

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