3rd Thur Puppy love

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    In the process of creating an illustration for love. I have always struggled placing my characters in their setting all suggestions /lessons appreciated!!!

  • I would place all the wolves around here and make all of them look as happy as the one she is hugging, the one on the far left looks angry and that's not love. Why not crop off that left side and surround her with love. Really nice drawings and a great concept! Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you do and what others tell you!

  • Thank you so much Thrace. I totally agree. It is so easy to see once someone else points it out!!!

  • @lmrush I gave a few painting suggestions...It was already a nice compositon. I really like you use of color too - nice focal point. Again - just a few suggestions. Since your main character is facing right it's often better to place a character like this on the left side to lead you into the empty space - instead of turning her back on it. I also thought it might be nice to add some depth with a background but you might have already been planning that...or not.... 🙂45645646546.jpg

  • @Will-Terry Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this, so much better! Thanks for your positive feedback and the suggestions. I get lost when it comes to backgrounds.... so I hadn't planned anything. So grateful for this school and for all you all do for us aspiring illustrators!!!

  • @Thrace Thank you so much Thrace. I totally agree. It is so easy to see once someone else points it out!!!

  • Wow, great composition improvement. A very simple change did make easier to catch the focal point. The concep is pretty nice. I'll be paying attention to updates.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Working on the recommended changes- So much better!! First time getting help with illustrations in the forum- definitely worth the fear of putting yourself out there!

  • Does anyone have thoughts on varying styles within one illustration? The focal point being more detailed and the other wolves being a little looser?

  • This is so warming and I really like your color choices so far! Can't wait to see updates!

  • @bharris Thank you !

  • the way you handle paint is very interesting to me and I really like it! I feel like this scene wanted to be a bit more intimate, and I think cropping it out a bit can help to bring the warmness together. I don't know if my cropping is the best here but just a thought. If you haven't I recommend watching Lee White's Visual Storytelling Techniques course; it has helped me a ton. Good luck!

  • @Naroth-Kean Thank you so much I will definitely take cropping into consideration Also thank you for the class suggestion! Still learning to paint digitally I used to paint traditionally but love the flexibility of digital

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    Update on progress, struggling with the sky-any painting tips/ tricks to smooth transition of colors?

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    Ok, I have stared at this for too long. I am thinking I will call this puppy done. Thank you for all your input. I wanted to try to finish per Wills suggestions, thank you Thrace for the suggestions of the dogs all around happy to see her and Naroth for the crop suggestion, I still plan on drawing that one; cropped with puppies all around, then I can add them both to my portfolio showing keeping character consistent 🙂

  • @sergio Thank you Sergio, looking forward to seeing all the entries

  • @lmrush being a huge dog lover and someone who has had a husky in the past as well, this really speaks to me. I love the interesting choice of colors and the painterly look too!

  • @Rich-Green Happy to hear it! I obviously am a dog lover, I have a black and chocolate lab and my in laws lab is visiting so I have three underfoot at the moment.