Perspective Photo Study - Need Help

  • Hey everyone, I’m very new to drawing. I have been trying to study Perspective by looking at reference pictures. I have something’s I’m currently stuck on and looking for some help.


    1. The picture above should be in 2 point perspective, I have marked the Horizon line at the top (hopefully it’s the right place), also I have colour marked converging lines to check the alignment of the fish features.

    But I am confused as the red lines are looking like they converge to one vanish point. But not sure why the fins and back gills which are marked yellow and purple don’t converge to the same red vanish point. Did I do something wrong? Can someone help me as it is driving me nuts trying to figure out.


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    @Only-The-Real-Survive if you draw an imaginary box around the fish it will help you visualize where the horizon might be - I gave it a quick try and found that to my eye the horizon is very far away from the fish..possibly farther than I have drawn it can be confusing because as I mentioned before the horizon line is your eye level basically...but this statement is only true if you are looking straight ahead...we are looking down at the fish though.....but if we lift our gaze and look straight ahead that is where the horizon is ....super easy to visualize if you picture yourself looking straight down at a set of railroad tracks - when you lift your head and looks straight ahead you see the horizon line and the vanishing point where the tracks disappear into a point..when you bend your neck to look straight down at the railroad tracks you no longer see the horizon or the vanishing point of the tracks but it is all exactly where it was before ... hopefully that makes some kind of sense 🙂


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    @Only-The-Real-Survive I agree with @Kevin-Longueil, draw an approximate box and work from there. Perspective rules only work with straight things. You cannot get exact with something that bends and squishes like a fish. Besides the water may also create a slight distortion in the picture. So just do your best approximate 🙂

    Also it depends on what you want to accomplish, but another possibility here is that you can create a one point perspective grid using the nadir as your vanishing point. The nadir is basically the vanishing point that converges down to the center of the earth (just as the zenith is the one that converges up, you may have heard zenith more often than nadir though as is doesn't come up that often).

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