Working With Kids At Home

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    Art by Miranda Branley

    How do you illustrate a culture without appropriating? Is there a “right” way to learn art fundamentals? How do you balance raising kids and an illustration career? And what if you get bored drawing the same thing over and over again for a children’s book? This week, Jake Parker, Lee White, and Will Terry discuss these questions and provide their answers.

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  • The illustration for this podcast is awesome! The little hang in there rabbit on the calendar is the best! Great episode as well. I love the topic of should you illustrate things when you don't know much about the fandom or culture.

  • Big thanks for answering my “question”! I remember feeling a bit bad the day after I sent in this question, it´s basically a lot of different questions in one, but I appreciate the effort.

    My takeaway is that I should aim to do my exercises to the level I want to be working at, and not over do them. Some related questions for the forum:
    How much time and effort do you spend on basic exercises?
    How do you get motivated to do them?
    And what balance do you have between doing basic exercises and “just” doing Drawings/Paintings and getting the exercises that way?

    I think my plan with these questions was to be able to get down a effective training program for drawing fundamentals...

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