Vignetti Yeti - looking for feedback in progress

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    @Valerie-Light my vote is on A. I love how simple and bare the background is. The Yeti’s silhouette is very clear and just pops right off the page.

  • I vote A. It feels more like a typical spot illustration and keeps the focus on the characters.

  • I vote A 🙂

  • @Valerie-Light I vote A as well 😃

  • I like D the most because of the different values in the picture. However I like how the chimney of the stove makes a natural border in image C. Maybe a mix of C and D would be an option? A stove-border like in C would probably mean that composition wise you’d have to ditch the stool with veg om the lower left though. The moving of the dog towards the right lower corner works quite well and makes more of a connection with the yeti this way.

  • I’m sticking with A because I think it’s the most ‘spot illustration-y’ :).

  • I vote for A!

  • I vote A too 🙂

  • All right, so many of you are encouraging me to do A, and I know that you're right about it being clear and readable and a traditional spot illustration, but something like C looks like so much more fun to me (and maybe a better addition to my portfolio). I decided to try some color roughs on a couple of different composition options.
    If you all aren't sick of helping me design this by election, here are 4 variations of how to resolve the environment.
    (PS I hope you vote for D) 2.17.21_Yeti_line_value.jpg.jpeg

  • A and d are my faves I feel like with the colored background it’s just a little chaotic, great work though!

  • I agree with @Asyas_illos , A and D.

  • @Valerie-Light I still like A. I like the silhouette, without the background it is easy to read. And, is most definitely a spot illustration.

  • @Asyas_illos I agree with @Valerie-Light that A is the one most like a spot illustration. I think it may be a winner, too. I called the last two so you better listen to me. 😉

  • @Valerie-Light I like D 🙂

  • @Valerie-Light D is great! It gives it depth and detail but still feels light and open. It also looks a lot like a spot illustration to me.

  • @chrisaakins Ooh, music to my ears!
    I think I may keep developing an A version and a D version together this week! I just feel like D is doing so much more storytelling, and I'm having a hard time giving up on that.

  • Well, I stressed about this, overworked it for a while, ignored it for a bit, and then maybe figured something out today.
    It's looking like the light values are really blown out compared to what I see in Procreate on my ipad, so that definitely needs adjustment. (BTW the tiny image in the corner is a thumbnail of my yeti's house, and I want mood and color to coordinate between the two.)
    My main question is, Is the image readable? What would help that? As always, I welcome any feedback!

  • I still feel like there is a lot going on. I think if you removed the shelves in the background it help it not feel so busy, and maybe dial down the saturation of the blues background? but this just my opinion. I really love your style I’m sure you can pull it off whatever decide to do!

  • @Valerie-Light you've got so much flair in this piece! Your yeti is really enthusiastic about her spaghetti!

    As you're refining this spot, consider what you really need to tell the story. If you don't need an element for the story, edit it out. Do you need things hanging from the ceiling to tell the story? Do you need shelves? Do you need a window? Do you even need a circle background?

    For me (and this is just one opinion), your piece would be stronger without these elements. They draw attention away from your happy yeti. The wafting aroma gets lost because it's competing for attention with the detail behind it. It even took me a minute to see the top-secret yeti spaghetti recipe, which is a fun little detail that should stay in.

    If your yeti needs a background color to stand out because she's so light, consider a lighter background in an interesting, organic shape. Perhaps mimicking the movement of the aroma? That might add more dynamism to the composition.

    So many ways you can go with this! Looking forward to seeing your finished entry!

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 @Asyas_illos
    Thanks for the feedback! I am constantly battling the urge to make everything I draw really detailed and complicated. Honestly I love doing it, but working toward making more readable images is important to me, too. Simplifying just isn't instinctive for me yet.

    I'm taking to heart what Lee, Jake, and Will said about this month's contest parameters- that storytelling details were key to doing this prompt successfully. And so I have this whole story in my head about this yeti who sets up her snow mountain in the suburbs, and is super excited to make friends with the new neighbors at the block party with her secret yeti spaghetti recipe. So I'm trying to describe the coziness of her snow house, how it's way above the neighbor's roofs, and how she loves cooking with all her yeti herbs & spices, etc, etc, as well as the words of the prompt itself.
    Is the answer just that I should not try to describe so many things?

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