First thumbnail for portfolio piece

  • So! After finishing this illustration:
    I'm moving on to the next one, which I want to look like another illustration from the same story/book.
    Here's a thumbnail for it... Any comment, advice, feeling, idea?

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    Hi Audry,

    I love your lighting and color balance on the first piece. My only critique is that it's almost the same composition exactly. I overlayed your new sketch on the old one and you will see what I mean. The branch in the upper right and the centered character are almost identical. Consider changing your perspective and offering a new vantage point.

    Can't wait to see more from this charming story! : ) 12486043_10153782685284000_8603177107839304627_o.jpg SKETCH.jpg

  • Very true. I hadn't noticed that before, but I think I tend to go towards the same kind of composition all the time... I'm going to have to watch that
    I didn't take the composition class yet as well, it will definitely be next ^^
    I like that posture for the girl
    thanks for your reply @Lee-White !

  • Looks great! I like your style and use of color! As far as the thumbnail, I don't know what you have planned color and value wise, but just off of the sketch alone, the image feels fairly heavily weighted to the right. I wonder what it might be like if you moved the plants behind her with cool colors and had the bird stay where it is. That is, if this is the same bird in the first picture with the red-orange ring around its beak. I think that small bit of warmth balanced against a large cool mass of colors on the left would serve as a nice distinct focal point and balance the image out overall. There's infinite other ways you could do that, but this is just one idea. Hope this is helpful in some way!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

  • Thanks Renduin!
    I'm gonna go with both your advice, but I was thinking of making a spot illustration. so here would be the layout in the book, image 1 being when she hears a noise and turns around, image 2 the one when she finds the bird, and image 3 being the one I already did, but a few pages further probably... :
    I'd still like to show a bit of the tree though, but just the base. I'm thinking, if the bird fell there, there should be a tree around

  • better?

  • This post is deleted!

  • values

  • after dreading it, I've started colouring and I feel much more confident than for the last one 🙂 this is fun and exciting! I can't wait to get up in the morning to start working. haven't felt this way in a long time with my art
    I'm sure nobody cares but I had to say it! ^_^

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    I am happy for you. I love that feeling ; being really connected with a piece you are working on

  • really nice audrey can'y wait to see this coloured.

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    I care! I have been struggling through with my little book and can't wait to get to where I can be more excited to work on it. I think I'm getting closer though! It's been a great learning process so far...lots more learning to come 🙂 I think your pictures are great and they definitely tell a story that will be impressive for your portfolio I think.

  • Really love the color palette of your first finished piece!! The texture/linework going on with the animals looks really great! One thing that can be improved is the design of your main character, I feel like her chin is a bit big and you could really simplify the shape her face for a stronger design. Maybe just let her face round down to the neck or keep a small pointy chin?

    Felt like it would be easier to just show you what I'm talking about so I did a quick paint over of the examples. Hope you don't mind me butchering your lovely work! But obviously if its part of your style and you love it the way it is then go with what you like 😃


    Also I added more volume to her hair where the bird is so the bird feels like its sitting in her hair. Cant wait to see your next finished piece!

  • thanks @Biscuits great advice!
    I fixed it 🙂
    I think I might define the hands and feet better also...

  • really struggling with the skin and hair (as usual) and the values, that are less contrasting than they should be 😕
    wip1.jpg wip1-value.jpg

  • @audrey-dowling How lovely! I think you can try and push the values , don't hesitate, because when it doesn't work you can change it back. Push in some oranges, purple-grey's and pink perhaps that wil help?

  • I really like what you've got going here. Can't wait to see the rest. Lovely!

  • I think her skin tone could be slightly lighter, and perhaps add a little more shadow on her face for contrast and mood. In your first piece she had a bit more highlights on her skin.

    Nice composition though, and I love your design!

  • I think I'm finished... what's your feeling on it?

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    @audrey-dowling This is so lovely, you captured a really sweet moment and I hope the birdie is ok. Nice emotion and colors, texture and characters. Your rendering of this piece is really good, look at the attention you paid to the girls outfit and the details on the little bird and nest. I think because this piece is not overly simplified or cartoony the hands and toes not being finished seem a bit out of place. If this is a style choice than that is fine, but if it is only because you are not comfortable drawing hands I think you should really explore that and the piece will really come together! Great work!


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