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    I think last night's format was awesome! I got more out of last night's critiques than many of the previous episodes. I hope you continue this format for a while. Thanks for the time you guys give to us, and working on making it useful to all!

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    @Lee-White I missed most of it unfortunately. Will the video be posted soon?

  • Hi @Lee-White,

    I'm new to SVS. Anyway, I did like the whole session format.

    Punctuality would be apreciated. It was friday here 🙂

    I think it would be good to remark strategies you think will help to fix the particular lacks you are mention during the sessions. I mean, you can point to artists that master a particular matter, books, courses or even exercices.

    Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and friendliness. SVS really rocks!

    Please, excuse my english.


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    I know it wouldn't be possible or to much work for you guys, but for the pieces that were honorable mentions or even pieces that didn't make the honorable mentions, how would the artist know what they did wrong. If they are looking to improve on skill/composition I think knowing what mistake they made might help them not to make it again. Could the artist reach out in private message to ask?

  • I enjoyed Lee's mini lecture with visual aids. The slow start at the beginning didn't bother me. "Can you hear me?" seems to be how every live stream is supposed to start! It'd be weird without it.

  • @Chip-Valecek, @Lee-White

    I support your thoughts Chip.

    I also have a doubt: the illustrations must be created thinking in little kids or can be pointed to any underage public?


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    Hey guys, I want to clear up some questions about content. Even though we are picture book illustrators, we accept any concepts and age range for the 3rd thursday topic. Please don't censor yourself thinking it has to match something we want. In other words, it's ok to have adult themes in your work.

    One of my favorite illustrators is Yuko Shimizu. Her work is daring and conceptually strong. Now I don't want to advocate going too crazy with violence or sex images, but if it fits the concept and is strong artistically, go for it.

    lg_51c35418-26c4-45ad-8b46-2a310aa613db.jpg 816MG4sxDpL.jpg 989c355ff95381cd72bca6d97d205aa6.jpg

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    sorry for the slow start last night. Both will and I ran into some technical snags right at the last minute.

  • @Lee-White

    There nothing to forgive, it wasn't a complaint about the slow start but a petition to try to start puntually to let people abroad to enjoy the sessions before to be defeated by tiredness.

    Anyway, in my case, the session was so interesting that it made me stay awake and sharp every second.

  • Good to know, I was afraid this place only liked cuddly bears and children with bad teeth. j/k

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    My thoughts are similar to @Thrace and @Lynn-Larson - I really like the new format. In particular:

    • I liked the fact that you had the freedom to choose any piece to critique based on how useful it would be for everyone, not just ones from the top, because it can benefit the whole class that way and everyone has a chance to be mentioned.

    • I also liked that Lee took into account issues that he saw in several pieces and addressed them in his critique. Seeing points that he was making about night scenes, was relevant to my own work even though he was critiquing someone else’s piece. It’s impossible to give everyone detailed feedback on their work but doing that is probably the next best thing.

    • I also liked the fact that Jake gave each honourable mention a reason for being chosen. Even if it’s a one liner, it’s encouraging after so much work, and helpful to confirm what you suspect is your piece’s main strengths (so you can then work on the weaknesses next time).

    I’m not so fussed about punctuality even though it’s the middle of the night for me too…it feels like a real live class with all the chatter beforehand, and the whole thing is worth getting up for.

  • would you consider doing some sessions at 2 or 3am some time, for all of us on the other side?
    only joking ^_^
    unfortunately, I don't participate for the moment: 4 young kids... sorry, didn't find the courage to stay up so late yet. but hopefully I will eventually. and the sessions will be running smoothly by then 🙂
    I really enjoy watching the videos anyway and by the look of it, the new format seems beneficial

  • I couldn't stay up for it at 11pm EST (I'm in bed at nine - got to be up early for my husband and early-rising three year old) Plus, i'm getting old, or at least it feels that way. Hope to see the video on YouTube soon - oh, there it is now. Gotta go!

  • I thought it went very well. And I'll echo the sentiment that it was great to see the "mini crits" as well as the more in depth ones.

  • @lindsayraecarr

    You are not alone. It feels that way 🙂

  • Just watched it and learned a lot by seeing the mistakes I made pointed out in the other pieces. I think it went really well. Thanks guys. On to "love."

  • @Lee-White I really liked the new format. Much more informative than december for example, since there was not much to say about your favourites, just that they are good 🙂
    What I really liked was Jake going through each picture and saying few words. For example, concerning my work, it was all I needed to hear. And I think majority of people will appreciate that at least something was said about their work. Each thursday I participate in I always anxiously wait if my illustration will appear and if something will be said about it.
    Your presentation was also great, if there was an intermission with a quick tip like this in each 3 rd thursday it would be awesome 🙂
    To sum it up, I see only improvement 🙂

  • I like the new format as well. Jake's explanation of why the honorable mentions were chosen, Lee's mini lesson on color, Will's drum roll 😉 all made for a great critique. I learned a ton. Thanks!

  • yes I think the new format worked really well last night. I love it actually.

  • @Chip-Valecek Chip - you bring up a really good point. "How would you know what to change on your piece if it didn't make the honorable mentions?" There really isn't any way for us to critique all the pieces - as you pointed out. I would imagine that if we tried to do all 50 one month - word would get out and we'd have 100 the following month - and 200 the next. Our goal is for you to see some of the same mistakes in your work as you do in the people being critiqued. Over time you will learn a lot even if it's not as fast as if you were receiving a personal critique.

    Another option is to join in our paid critiques we offer from time to time at SVS. As a heads up we will be having a children's book class critique session this spring/summer and probably more than one. It will be announced here in the forums first to give a heads up to those of you who are regular contributors to SVS.

    Thank you for your insight.

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