Our SVS Virtual Studio November 2020 🍁

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    For all you inkers, YOU MADE IT!
    Hopefully you are not burned out from 31 days of inking.

    Anyone participating in SLOWvember or Folktale week?

    What is everyone working on?😃

    Imagine you are walking through a studio silently looking over people’s shoulders at their work. This is NOT a place for critiques. You may applaud, encourage, ooh and ah only

  • Branching out to other animals. Here is a hedgehog study.

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    @chrisaakins great job on the quills 👍.

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    My first rough for folktale week. 🙂

  • Phew! Inktober is over and working on skill development.

    Did this master study in honor of Day of the Dead.


  • Hope everyone (stateside) isn't too stressed out today. Here's my election day illustration.


  • jb0xtchi-ditys-frogandbun.jpeg

    I'm working on practicing with procreate some more and playing with style development/brushes by doing some Draw This In Your Style (dtiys) pieces based on work by other instagram artists. It takes away some of the heavier lifting of "what do I draw?" in a general sense as well as things like color palette and composition. This is my first one and I'm really happy with how it turned out 😃

    Here is the original piece by jb0xtchi (albeit low res, which is my fault):

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    Playing with phone wallpapers and Zoom backgrounds for my Ko-fi. Having a lot of fun with the leaf brush I made in Procreate. Working on a potential icicle chain brush that I can then distort and change the angle.

    November fun.jpg

    And a couple days later the bottom one is done!


  • IMG_20201101_120636_063.jpg
    I made a speederbike from model kits

  • @kylebeaudette This is excellent! 😃

  • @Elliot thanks! I love kitbashing.

  • SVS OG

    Over the summer I started doing a nature journal which I find very relaxing but it doesn't generate as many "post-able" paintings. It is, however good practice for line and wash. Here is a recent page (dip pen on hot press watercolor paper.)


  • @demotlj I love nature journaling! This is such a great page of studies. Great work 😃

  • Awesome @kylebeaudette!!!!!!

  • I'm currently working on this stylized crested gecko portrait! I love reptiles and amphibians, but I just realized I haven't drawn many reptiles. So, I decided to change that. Starting with this cute crestie 😃


  • @demotlj this is awesome, it really does sound super relaxing! I may have to treat myself to a new little notepad and give this a try too

  • E6F76BD6-A127-42F7-867C-101897FA22F6.jpeg


    Not sure if I’m going to do slowvember...it sounds really relaxing and I could definitely stand to spend a long time on something to improve, but I’m doing NanoWrimo this month so not sure I want to take on another month-long activity.

    Right now I’m working on stylizing characters. I’ve always had a hard time changing things from reference photos (any left-brainers out there?!) and honestly thought I just wasn’t capable, but I had a break through in that respect last month, so I’m chasing those results!

    I’m super inspired by Maurice Sendak and recently bought a collection of Little Bear and I’m just blown away by his handling of characters, emotions, and backgrounds, so I’m studying that hard and trying to emulate his mastery of those.

    This is one of the first real scenes that I’ve been able to produce and be happy with! Background is pretty much pulled straight from Little Bear. It’s not finished yet, I will be adding more and darker line work on the characters and some throughout the grass and tree. I’m wishing I didn’t go quite so dark o the cat because now you can’t really see any detail - the pencil doesn’t show up on that gray. Their skin is a bit too pink and I’m thinking I’m going to have to look for a tube paint that has the exact skin colors I want (probably not going to happen, but I can dream haha) because mixing them is really a tedious guessing game.


    This is a piece I just did which I’m considering a pinnacle piece - I just love everything about it, the pose, the lines, the colors, the suggestion of background. I’m really proud of it. Pieces like this help me pull through the days when everything I make seems like trash hahaha. Gives me hope for what I’ll be able to create one day.

    Keep creating beautiful art everyone!!

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    @VeronicaMui You should go for it. What I find most relaxing is that I’m not trying to create a scene from my imagination but just drawing whatever catches my fancy. Sometimes I’m drawing from life (as I did with the asters) and sometimes from photos most of which I have taken myself while walking outside. And on the days I don’t feel artistic at all, I do research and make notes in the journal so there is always something to do even on down days.

  • @VeronicaMui Thanks so much for sharing this journey. It's really interesting to hear about how different artists handle this kind of a style transition. I'm going through a similar thing in my work these days and it's really nice to see and hear others' perspectives. I think this work has a really beautiful mood. Serene and expressive; I like it very much.

  • Currently trying to add more interiors/ full bleed illustrations to my portoflio!

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