September WIP | Squid Ink Fairy | Requesting Feedback

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    Hello everyone! Here is my progress for the ink fairy prompt!

    I wanted to try making a spread from a children's book with an underwater scene. I haven't quite figured out the design for Ellie (the octopus) or her expression quite yet, but I'm hoping these sketches give a rough idea of where I'm trying to go with the composition and values. All the dark squiggly stuff would be underwater plants (etc). I noticed a couple might look like they have thought bubbles, but it's just the surrounding plants.

    I'm hoping the final image will show Ellie hiding in the bushes with the camera, but not necessarily actively taking the picture. I also don't want to give the impression the fairy is looking at Ellie, which is why I eliminated all the thumbnails where the fairy was facing her.

    Please let me know which sketches you like or don't like and any other feedback you have. I'm not yet very familiar with formatting children's books so would love your insight.

    Thank you! 💛

  • @miranda-hoover I really like this take on the prompt! I think the ink fairy is so cute, and such a unique design. 😃

    As far as the thumbnails go, my favorites are 2 and 4. The composition in these two thumbnails grabs my attention the most.

    Although, I also really like number 3. The only possible issue I see with this one are all the plants around Ellie. It might pose a challenge in keeping the left side of the image clear.

  • @miranda-hoover I agree with @Jacy13 2 and 4 are my favourites too, they look nicely balanced, I would maybe have a tiny preference for number 2 but would make the ink fairy a touch bigger - lovely work so far!

  • I like 4 also, but I prefer 1 over 2.

  • I love your ink fairy! It's so cute!

    I prefer 1 and 3 where Ellie is looking at the fairy. Ellie's line of sight guides us across the page to the fairy, and towards the page turn of the book.

    2 and 4 are a little confusing to me as Ellie is looking back instead of towards the fairy (and towards the page turn/flow of the reader, line of action in a picture book should be left to right in western picture books as this is the way we read!) so it feels to me almost like 2 separate spreads as the 2 elements (Ellie and the fairy) aren't engaging with each other. 2 also doesn't convey to me that Ellie is hidden

  • @miranda-hoover #3 draws me into the story the most. I like that Ellie is hidden and we’re in on the secret and the composition has a nice depth that 1, 2, and 4 don’t.
    5 is nice too but Ellie’s face will be pulled into the gutter which would be a shame.

  • Nice sketches! I prefer 1 and 3, because for me it guides the eye better to the main focal point (fairy) by following the gaze of Ellie. The readability of the spread goes nicely from left to right by following the gaze of Ellie towards the fairy and following the fairy to the next page (continuing the story). Both characters are also nicely positioned on 1/3 of the spread.

  • @miranda-hoover I love the idea of Ellie being an animal instead of a human!

    I don't know much about children's book spreads either, but I like the layout of #3 the best.

    Also, an idea that might be fun is Ellie having multiple cameras (since she has so many arms) giving the text a little more weight. Like, she REALLY wants to get the picture and isn't taking any chances.

    Just a thought! I love your idea and can't wait to see more!

  • Really cool concept! I'm looking forward to seeing the final. I personally like 3 the most because like some other people have said, Ellie looking at the fairy definitely guides the eye across the page. And I think that one looks the most like she's hiding if that's what you're going for, and the plants surrounding the fairy really put the emphasis on her

  • I like 3 best also! It directs the eye and the other pages seem very symmetrical. Very creative Idea! Can't wait to see the final piece!

  • I love the character design of the squid!! Especially how the head part looks like the pen nib.

    In terms of the comp it's number 3 for me, I think it works really well and i'm looking forward to seeing the development whichever you go for

  • SVS OG

    @miranda-hoover this is so cute!

  • @miranda-hoover I really love 3, and 5. 3 being my favorite because there is a curiosity and apprehensiveness.

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    Thank you all for your great feedback! It's been super helpful 💛 Think I'll go forward with #3 for this one.

  • @JoshuaDages 🤯 That is a great idea! Thank you!

  • Amazing! Such an out of the box idea. Love it! I am really drawn to #5 but I think #3 shows more of the octopus and I think that works beter compositionally as well.

  • Super love your concept! For me I like 2 the best, it seems to be the moment before the action and allows for my own imagination to fill the gaps.