Our SVS Virtual Studio SEPTEMBER 🎨 2020

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    I'm posting this a few hours early because I want to know...
    If you don't know what this is, follow this link and Jake Parker will explain it. 😜

    What else is everyone working on? 😃

    Imagine you are walking through a studio silently looking over people’s shoulders at their work. This is NOT a place for critiques. You may applaud, encourage, ooh and ah only.

  • Art drop sounds fun. I wasn’t aware of it and I live in the boonies lol, so maybe a squirrel might find it haha. Have fun with yours.

    I’m working on doing a sketch everyday I. September ( too many days I don’t actually draw). Upping my game at being regular about drawing.

    Day 1

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    I am definitely going to look into Art Drop. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it (I have no prints, but I have some Wearable Art from long ago) but I'll figure it out. There's something really interesting about simply putting art out there into the world and letting it go to be what it's going to be and find the home it's meant for.

    I did these two pieces over the weekend, trying to work though my ugly feelings about what was happening and force myself to move past them, then create another piece to pull myself into a more positive, stronger, less angsty and anxiety-ridden state of mind.

    For me, it worked. I was able to visually express what I was feeling, and then help myself feel something better by concentrating on the work and focusing on what was immediately in front of me. My own little art therapy in a way. I highly suggest it.


  • Yay more WIP comicsssss


  • @Braden-Hallett love your colors here, and your character is just so cute!

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    Just finished this piece up.. posted it in my first post introducing myself on this forum before I realized there was a post like this...sooo....I’m gonna leave it here too because I love looking over artists shoulders 😂

  • 9bdec2ac-2ebb-4103-9b87-d7e9b68d27e5-image.png

  • Learning some culture..20200903_133822.jpg

  • last one today, I swear, lol


  • Ok so I was posting this month's work in last month LoL. Drawings from last few days!!!


  • I'm FINALLY starting to come around to the idea of working in shape instead of line. Friggin'. Finally. I hope...


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    Played around in Procreate yesterday using some new brushes I bought. The Overlay brushes were made specifically to give different textures to patches of flat color, and they facilitate a "cut paper" effect that I've never really explored before. I may have to do some more of this in a more narrative direction. I can see why cut paper collage is so interesting for children's illustration--the emphasis on shape is really freeing somehow. My little flowers aren't perfect by any means--I have some line issues and highlight/shadow issues, but it was a really great experience to just play with something without worrying about how I was going to use it or how it was going to serve me in the big picture. Lots of fun!


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    My boys have a garden every year since they were really little . Every fall my mother in law ( who was the lead on the gardening anyhow!), gets a photo of them by the sunflowers. I decided to do an illustration of one of those photos. ❤️ I might do more. It was really fun for a mom who now has teenagers and misses the little ones!

  • For a bit of fun I thought I would do one of the other thumbnails I had for the "Dragonfly" contest. It's a bit easier as i'm using a lot of the same colors, but still a lot to consider.

    dragonfly chase 2.jpg

  • @Gary-Wilkinson your work is so round and happy!❤❤❤❤

  • received_352652799190711.jpeg

    Today my fiddling detail brain took over my sketching process. But I'm still drawing and sketching. Going to keep picking at this. This is a WIP and detail from a larger image. Starting new job Tuesday. Hoping I still have time for art ♥

  • received_373320757397230.jpeg

    Daily sketch. Current mood. 🤣

  • D302DE75-1785-4B39-8D95-28A8CA3985D7.jpeg

    Current mood in Color haha

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    Looking at a lot of comic books this weekend inspired me to make a cover featuring my nephew who is turning 21 tomorrow.
    I’m giving it to him as a gift but I think I’m going to work on it some more and give it to him again after. Lol. Gotta love digital. Lol

  • I STRUGGLE SO BAD WITH COLOUR & LIGHT, SO I'm doing the 'PAINTING COLOUR & LIGHT 2.0' course by Will Terry, which is excellenté, and trying to apply the concepts to some illustrations I'm doing for a friend's self-published insect fantasy (demographic 9-13 yr old boys). The front cover's been fun because he wanted it loosely styled on the poster art for the 1990's movie 'Army of Darkness', anyone remember that one? Might have gone a bit nuts with texture's and grit and FX, but I love all that stuff 😁

    BuzzBomb Front Cover-WIP-G.jpg

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