Inktober Book Plagerism Accusations

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    To prove my point, check out this page by Alphonso and this page in Frank Lohan's book published in 2009. Similar? yes! But do I think Alphonso plagiarized it? Of course not. This is basic information presented in a pretty logical and basic way. Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 10.11.40 AM.jpg Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 3.55.24 PM.jpeg

  • @Lee-White hey Lee, if you have more examples like this can you share them? I'm going to post something later today on Twitter and this is exactly what I'm looking for (I don't own inking books)

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    I do have other examples, a lot of them. but we are waiting with them to be sure we are doing it in the right way. I'll post them soon...

  • @Lee-White ok. I won't post anything then. You guys got this👍 I'll be sure to share whatever you come up with!

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    @Lee-White hi Lee! Great example. I’m so invested in this issue. I’ve also been scouring inking books just now, trying to see if other books published before Dunn’s are similar to his. Are you guys currently consulting your lawyers?

  • I really feel for Jake, I can't imagine seeing all these comments popping up on the networks he's worked so hard on, he must feel very attacked. I understand how Dunn could be frustrated but I hope they can work together to resolve it and put an end to the comments. I looked at Rendering in Pen and Ink by Arthur Guptill that you mentioned above on Amazon, and you can see similar examples on there too, specifically the pages Dunn highlights with the dust brush and pens.

  • @korilynneillo Do you mean people are giving you flack for using the Inktober hashtag?

  • A difficult topic. The principals in Dunns book are the same general principals that have been thought in artschools and artbooks or videos for a long long time. Just have a look at Winson Guptile rendering with pen and ink. These are not new principles and Dunn did not invent them. For example rendering with 3 or 5 or 12 values is not a new thing. Neither are value scales or drawing the line around the form (they already knew how to do that in the reneissance period, just ask Glenn Vilppu). They explain all about values and scales on the New Masters Academy beginner series also as do other instructors. These are all the basics of art so it makes me kind of angry when watching the youtube video it sounds like he invented the value scales, well he did not. He arranged the information in his own way and compiled it together and that is copyright protected not the information itself. His book actually looked interesting and like something that I would like to buy but now I am just kind of mad.

  • @tazzyartist Dunn seems like such a good teacher, but here the lesson seemed to be how to damage sales of a book that made you angry.

    Dunn's work is so obviously worth protecting that it kind of kills me that instead of a lesson to actually protect his own work he would start what's a lesson in how to damage someone else's reputation by slander. Damaging someone's book sales does not protect your own work! At best, it's a really awful way to market your book instead of someone else's, something I would hope never to have to do if I would reach the level Dunn has. They aren't rivals, they are part of a community.

    Like you I have a bias. I knew about inktober well before I knew anything about Jake Parker, but since learning through svs, I've seen a little more of how he works, and he has so much skill and is so fast that even the idea of him stealing work is a little empty. Inktober really meant something to me last year, and to see that Chronicle, one of my favorite publishers, was putting out a book was perfect for me to own as a kind of marker of these years! I'm so happy about it. I will still buy it, and I'm really excited about participating in inktober, just like @korilynneillo . If people take that as a support of Jake Parker, I'm fine with it, but the way inktober works in my life is a little larger for me than social media concerns anyway.

    Sadly, this whole thing wouldn't be an issue if people were generally kind on the internet, or stopped to give each other the benefit of the doubt. It bothers me that anyone online would write comments like that to Jake Parker thinking they're solving anything for Dunn. Dunn should talk to a lawyer, and I will continue to wish that people be nicer to each other, and bring up issues in private. The only thing to do is to be sure to be as kind as I can.

  • I just flipped through my old Rendering in Pen & Ink book by Arthur L Guptill while I watched Alphonso's video. Sorry Alphonso its all in here in a similar order. And my copy was published in 1978. He did not reinvent the wheel the way he thinks he did. I understand that he wants to believe what he created stands alone but his accusation was very reckless.

  • @Lee-White And this is precisely how I would illustrate the Tools of the Trade portion of an ink drawing book as well!

    I hadn’t previously heard of Alphonso Dunn so I am not familiar with his book but when I watched his video I didn’t see anything that I haven’t already seen displayed in so many other instructional art books, magazines and textbooks in my 20+ years of education and interest.
    The fundamental sections tend to be very similar between publications and are obviously included as an entry-level introduction to the novice. I usually skip over them at first because the real selling point of these books comes from the unique artistic spin and focus the individual authors bring. Alphonso’s book looks like a good and very comprehensive manual on ink drawing and I sympathise with his offence in assuming that his work has been ripped-off but I disapprove of his defamatory response, particularly when he hasn’t yet viewed Jake’s book as a whole. It’s unfair controversy. From what I can see their books have very different objectives and Jake’s book stands alone, and handsomely at that, in the arena of instructional, growth motivating art books.
    I refuse to believe that Jake is anything but a man of integrity and I’m sure his publishers had done their homework in ensuring no copyrights were violated. Hopefully the truth comes to light and good can come out of this horrible situation 🙏

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    @hakepe i agree. He does not own these principles. He has no rights to it. I also must admit, his book does look really interesting and if I discovered them at a different circumstance, I think I’d like a copy too but given his actions, I’m kinda put off.

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    I tend to side with Jake - I think he is honest and these are basic drawing principles presented in a logical order and method. What's interesting to me is that all the people here seem to side with Jake, and on Dunn's video all the comments side with Dunn. Maybe we all have inherent bias... All the people on his video say that the copyright infringement is incredibly blatant and shameless. Honestly was hard to read through, I feel so bad for Jake.

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    @NessIllustration i was kinda 50-50 when Lee shared the news but after watching Dunn’s video ( and having to go on a bike ride to calm myself down), researching more about Dunn’s book as well as Jake’s, and hearing Lee’s evidences, I think the SVS team has a stronger argument

  • @NessIllustration It's an impossible situation for Dunn to pull his students into this, because they'll naturally be familiar with his work and Parker's students will be familiar with his. This means that I see the familiar lessons offered on SVS in the Inktober book, and if no one had a problem with those, why would they have a problem with the book? Someone familiar with Dunn's lessons would instantly see the reverse, especially if they want to take out their anger. So it's not just a bias, it's what has been taught and learned by each set of students.

    We weren't meant to decide this. 😞

  • @carolinebautista that's exactly it. It wasn't for us to decide. It was presented in an inappropriate and public forum .

    And seeing a few comments on Jake's Instagram( I read about 10 and it was too vile to continue reading), he's done massive damage to Jake's reputation.

  • @Lee-White this example was very logical and simple. Thanks for posting and I look forward to more examples.

  • @Coley Exactly. It was hard to read even a few comments. We are not Intellectual Property Lawyers with specialized knowledge and experience in the field of art, but we can see how people behave and treat each other based on the kind of power they think they have.

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    @carolinebautista I completely agree. I'm sad to see Jake publicly slandered like this, especially because I do believe he did nothing wrong. Dunn went about this the wrong way, and all his followers are jumping in to rip apart Jake which is heartbreaking to see.

  • @NessIllustration
    when you count the amount of people who are doing this to the people who follow him/buy his products etc. its just a small currently loud minority. when they come for you on twitter just report em and dont feed them any bits. these people already made up theire mind and its a waste of time to try to change it. i think you even can delete such messages and i would do exactly that, especially when its unrelated to the original tweet.

    neither of us has to settle the disput between mr parker and alphonso but you dont have to watch people do a witchhunt on twitter and co. without you doing anything. report em when its offtopic and let the platform distrtibuter handle these people.

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