@jaepereira Rose City Con is the Portland Con in September, I know Portland has a few but it's the one I felt would give me enough time to figure out what to do before going. I'll be heading up there next weekend to the Portland Wizard Con and kind of "take notes" on booth setups and stuff like that. Awesome you have a local shop to help you out with your prints! I live in a fairly small town so all the googling I did to find a place like that failed me, most places only did printing on products (t-shirts, cups, etc) Or they didn't have the type of printing available that I have been looking for. So I decided I should just get my own printer. Thank you for the numbers and other info too! I think that will help give me an idea of how much I should take. I also thought about maybe taking my printer and wife's laptop with me and I could print extras if I needed from the hotel.. But I don't think I would run into that issue just yet! @Pam-Boutilier Ah! I ordered a packet from MOAB papers that came with 26 different types of paper and there is some stuff similar to that, it looks like amazing paper but it's at a quality that I think I would save for some art I did that I felt was just absolutely amazing. Plus like you said the price range is kind of high so for now I am sticking with some more affordable options. I brought some tests prints into my work to see what some other people who aren't my wife thought and so far everyone seems to like the quality so maybe I am just judging them too harshly.