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  • Hello People,
    I finished the tone and shadows part of "Lighting and Shadows for Illustrators Courses". I want to make sure I'm no the right path and want yall opinion on this. I had issues deciding where I should put a core shadow.
    Venny The raccoon v3a.png )

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    @Travion Hey Travoin - this looks cool - I have not looked far into lighting and shadow class so i am not sure if you are working on local value or if you are trying to make the face have volume in this drawing? So for feedback i would say that the drawing seems very flat and seems mostly concerned with local value and not lighting - mostly it is hard to detect where your light source is coming form - i think it is from the right though - i did a quick and dirty draw over to add some lighting - i think an obvious light source makes all decisions so much easier for me when i'm drawing - but maybe you are going for a flatter style? you can always go very dramatic with your lighting on its own layer and then back off the opacity until it seems right and then start drawing over that instead of going for subtlety right away
    Untitled_Artwork 22.jpg

  • @Travion I think @Kevin-Longueil nailed it with his draw over. A few tips:

    A good way to check your values is to either zoom out your drawing really tiny or squint your eyes and see if you can still understand what's happening. If not, then you need to add more contrast.

    A head is a complex shape so it can get tricky to figure out where the shadows will be cast. You can find many examples of human heads, maybe try finding some of animal heads? Or if you have a dog, just take a few pictures yourself!
    Let your base layer be all flat colors. Then add a new multiply layer on top and experiment with different shadows. Don't be afraid to go too dark and then pull back.


    Best of luck!

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