July 2020 Wizard of Oz cover concepts – comments, feedback, critiques welcome

  • Looking for some comments, feedback, and critiques on two cover concepts for July 2020 Wizard of Oz book cover.

    There were a number of ways I thought of going with this, but in the end I wanted to focus on the characters. I just don't think my art style works quite as well when trying to convey something metaphorical or symbolic (if that makes sense). So, I first drew my versions of the four main characters.


    Then I created a couple of mockups.


    (In version 1, the tall rectangles on the path would be the four characters facing away and walking on the yellow brick road towards the Emerald City.)


  • @drawnbyshawn I like your idea of leaning into your character design. I think that can be a big differentiator.

    I like both of your thumbs but I think the second would let you showcase your characters more. Adding more energy and life to each of them. I think you would be able to lean more into the personality of each.

  • SVS OG

    @drawnbyshawn woah! They both look awesome! Great job. I honestly have not critiques

  • This looks great! I personally like Version 2 the best. It puts more emphasis on your character designs. I like how dynamic the poses and typography are in Version 2.

  • SVS OG

    I like version 2 as well. And I love that you did the characters first. Such a good idea. They look so consistent too.

  • Thanks for the feedback @theprairiefox, @Nyrryl-Cadiz, @baileymvidler, @Pamela-Fraley! I was leaning towards the second one as well, and it's good to hear others are thinking the same thing.

    @Pamela-Fraley I'm working on a comic, and I'm finding that it's easier for me to get my head around it if I take significant characters and objects and design them out individually first. I suppose that makes sense for characters, but even ships, vehicles, etc. Initially I just went in and figured I'd work it out as I drew the entire thing, but it just felt a bit overwhelming. So, I'm carrying that idea over to this project too.

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