Troll mountain critique

  • Hi all, looking to get some feedback here before I start painting. I have been working really hard on my composition, perspective and light and shadow, so feedback on those particularly appreciated. I had this idea I couldn’t get out of my mind of a big old mountain troll waking up and this is what I came up with. The idea is the town will be in fairly deep twilight (morning or evening) and the sun light will be hitting the much taller troll mountain in the background. Any tips for painting that troll to add crags without losing the definition of the...trollishness would be appreciated. But yeah, please rip this apart because I really want to improve! 7E5E2758-B714-4860-A61F-28C24DEC536F.jpeg 85C5698D-FED0-42BB-ACF9-8F850953C4FD.jpeg

  • Hi, I think the idea is great to draw attention to the troll, since he is far back. Maybe you could take reference from the Stone giant from the Never ending story how they resolved it there. The model it self in not that big but they made it so that it gives you the sense of scale. You have some details on his face like that tree in hes nose, that gives you the impression that he is much closer then the pine trees in the mid ground.
    Cant wait to see your update.

  • @cszoltan you're dead on with the foliage on his face being out of proportion, thanks so much for that. It's been about two decades since I last saw the Never Ending Story so I will check it out!

  • @mamadraw Sure, have a nice weekend Movie afternoon 👍

  • So, this is where I am at! I got rid of the chipmunk because in the end it didnt fit so well with the tone. I'm pretty happy considering this is the first thing I have managed to draw since lockdown began here in the UK back in March. With my two girls at home, uni work and getting heavily involved in the community response here it just hasn't been possible to set aside a chunk of time to draw. But what I have been doing is watching classes. I haven't been able to do all (or any!) of the exercises so I haven't been getting the maximum out of them but a decent amount of it definitely stuck even so. So to anyone reading who is time poor if you don't have time to draw but can watch a class video whilst you do the dishes or cook the dinner or fold laundry or whatever I found it still really worth doing. I can see a real improvement which is ridiculous considering I have barely picked up my apple pen in months. I guess just keep chipping away at it in any way you can. Kind of hoping it won't be four months before my next go...!

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