Oz Cover!

  • It’s that time! Working on some suuuuuuuuuper rough ideas, not all of them are entirely fleshed out but these are my favorite designs out of the 30ish ideas I threw at the wall this last week.

    Which do you guys like best? Obviously one of them is much more developed than the others, but are the other ones worth exploring more? (the city at the bottom is my inspiration for the emerald city)

    alt text

  • @korilynneillo Hi!

    I like the concept of 3. It's adventurous and I am like "let's go there, I want to go there!" You take your reader (audience) from where ever their home is like Dorothy's and we look upon/into the Oz world and share the awe experience; and it's like mysterious because we could be sharing the same feeling as Dorothy and because we don't see her face, those feelings can be many things.

    On the other hand I think your characters are spot on adorable especially the lion, all my hug love I think would fill him with the brave confidence he needs. If there'd be a way for you to include the other characters in 3 (facing us and each other), that be something to explore.

    The inspired city is a good step forward but I hope you cutify it -I know it's not a word but it ought to be.


  • SVS OG

    @korilynneillo I really like number two. The overall design and character designs are so fun!

  • I like 2. I like the concept and the composition.

  • I also like 2! The characters are nice and clear and the composition works great!

  • Hi, #2 would be the win for me. It reminds me of the old picture books that I had when I was a kid.
    Cant wait to see your update!

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