Stand Up Desk?

  • I can't tolerate sitting very long, which is counter-productive if I want to do this illustration thing full-time. Does anyone have a stand up desk set up?

  • @Laurel-Aylesworth At work, I have one of those convertible to standup desks that my computer is on, but I never remember to use it. But I also have a hydraulic drawing board, and I do use that to stand and draw and ink on, which is great to relieve pressure on my back.

  • I love mine - sorted out my slouching and back ache. It means you move about a lot more during the day. I found it well worth the investment. I bought an electric one that can be lowered to normal desk height so when I meet with clients I don't tower over them! I would say yes, if you can afford to get one do so.

  • @Jane-Smith-0 I fashioned a stand up desk by piling a stack of the illustrated Harry Potter books and putting my computer ontop of it. Seems to work okay 🙂 But maybe a desk in my future someday.

  • Anything that works! You'll save yourself a lot of back pain and RSI from bad posture whatever route you go. Sitting seems to be the new smoking!

  • I have a standing desk! I bought two sawhorse brackets and cut some 2x4's to a standing-desk height and just kinda rested a tabletop on them. I've got my cintiq in an easel so I can draw with the tablet vertical at eye level.

    Nice and cheap. Doesn't go up or down, but I've got a drafting chair that's super high for when I wanna sit down 🙂

  • Yes! I have a desk that can adjust between standing and sitting. It's a lifesaver because sitting for long periods of time makes my back ache something crazy. I got mine for a fairly reasonable price from Costco.

  • I have a normal desk, and bought a standing desk attachment. It's sort of like just another level stacked on top of my desk, and it clamped on so its CONNECTED.

    And it's at this perfect level where I can both sit down and stand up to use it, and the desk itself does not have to move at all.
    I'd recommend trying something like that! It was a lot cheaper. But this might only work for shorter people.

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    I bought this, and it has worked wonders for me! I didn't want to be standing all the time, nor did I want to be sitting, so this back-and-forth adjustable desk fit me just perfect. Just make sure your cords are long enough to rise up and down when you're lifting the desk.

  • I have an adjustable standing desk from ikea and it's superb. I'd never go back to a sitting desk now. 🙂

  • I recently got this MOFT stand through a kickstarter and love it. It's not available yet on their website, but would recommend. Plus it folds flat so that you can take it with you if you travel.

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