Basic perspective drawing - final assignment

  • Hi

    A month ago I finished the basic perspective drawing class. I feel perspective is one of my biggest weaknesses. So I dragged my feet doing this assignment. I have done 3 drawing that I am quite happy with. This is the best of the 3 drawings.
    Thank you to all of you who have done the final perspective assignment and putting it up on this forum. It was encouraging to see. It was because of this I decided to have ago at it.

    Critiques are welcome.


  • @robbery Hi -it is great you followed through and completed this assignment and you are better for it so congrats! The one thing I noticed, more of a detail issue on one or two of your floor boards (the ball is sitting on the furthest floor board then the 3rd and 4th one coming towards us look larger than the ones closest to us). 🙂 I hope you continue to complete assignments -we got to do them to actually know we can do them.

  • Hi @robbery I finished the perspective class a couple weeks ago. It’s one of my BIG weaknesses too! I found the final assignment pretty daunting as well. Here is mine. I proceeded to add a bunch of objects while taking the visualizing objects in perspective class. Thanks for posting! I am still not sure my assignment is correct - is everything the right size? IDK?A40A921A-5F4E-4CE5-8107-6DBCCAD1BB52.png

  • @Mairin-Kareli I like your gnomes and the bugs coming in through the window. The toy doesn’t look right. The left side of the box doesn’t match up with the right side and left hinge on the box is smaller than the right hinge. Great illustration

  • @robbery yeah - I noticed that after I inked it. The toy box is wonky for sure m. Thanks for commenting. Yours looks good! I agree about the floor boards - some seem to wide for the distance

  • gome invasion.jpg I fixed the toy box and made it into a digital painting. 🙂

  • It seems like this is a pretty difficult subject for most people. Including myself. It's like I'm trying to force My round ideas into a square box. they never seem to fit right. I started the assignment over like 10 times. Anyway I think it's looking good. I like how you stuck a teddy bear into the room. I did the same thing. Haha.