Procreate brushes - vintage - patterns - looking for more

  • Hey guys,
    In procreate I’m enjoying adding some patterns to clothing, walls etc using textures, some of which I made but there are some cool brushes under the vintage and texture tabs - the Victorian one and flower power, I was wondering if anyone knows where those sorts of brushes can be purchased? They’re more of what I’d consider a pattern than a texture.
    Or can these brushes be made? I have part of Lee’s photoshop course done a few months back and need to get back on it. I did learn some awesome stuff but didn’t finish the course yet either.
    Thanks for any info!

  • @Coley They can definitely be made or purchased!

    I would check out creative market - they have a lot of different brushes for sale some for free even that are worth checking out.

    Otherwise, I would look up videos on how to make make brushes/patterns in procreate and learn how to make your own 🙂 I personally have not done it yet, but I'm sure there are tutorials out there.

  • @Coley There's a pretty full-featured brush creation studio in Procreate, which got expanded a lot with Procreate version 5. I think it's pretty different compared to Photoshop's though, so I'm not sure how much Lee's course would help (you probably want something specific to Procreate 5)

  • Thanks @EliaMurrayArt , there’s a heck of a lot of brush packs to explore on that link! Thank you so much!

    Thanks @Braxton .....brush creator studio, I have me some more learning to do! Can’t keep up with all this learning lol! Thanks 🙏

  • Hi!
    I do sell my Procreate brushes here but if you are looking more like patterns I recommend you check Retro Supply.
    Also Creative Market every Monday has new freebies and sometimes they are Procreate brushes.
    Hope this helps!

  • @cristamay thanks so much!

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