WIP June Prompt, white back ground? Or does it need trees, water etc?

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  • Hi @Barryrousedraws, if you’re going for spot illustration, this works! Bongo looks pretty happy about his decision!

  • @Jeremy-Ross thanks for feedback 🙂

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    @Barryrousedraws There's something really cute/funny, minimal and graphic design-y about this. As a standalone image, I really like it. And a white background would work to retain that graphic design feel.

    Some other questions/notes to consider with regards to the prompt:
    -Were you thinking that this would fill a page or spread? Or would this be a vignette? If a vignette, I'd add some color to the background, and then do a simple vignette shape with faded edges all around.
    -Adding trees, water, or some other clue like a horizon line would help ground the image in space. Thinking of the story, I'm guessing that Bongo is at or near the level of the river. If you extended the image to the right, perhaps making this a long horizontal 2-page spread, you could add more clues as to what's happening, story-wise. For example, a bit of land and river, and a view looking up at an orange tree.

  • @Johanna-Kim ! 20200618_132336.jpg thanks for the great feed back and kind words. wondering do you think this thumbnail would read better?

  • SVS OG

    @Barryrousedraws I like that thumbnail, as well. There's more information and it feels more active. But one thing: the monkey's gaze is facing right and his body is leaping off to the right, leading our eye off the illustration. Ideally, you want your composition to lead the eye around the image, rather than off the image. One solution could be that you have the monkey's eyes looking back at the alligator. Then at least our gaze would want to also look back left. Even better would be to have the monkey's head AND eyes turning back to look at the alligator. Another option is to consider the orange that the monkey wants. Perhaps we could see a branch with an orange hanging down from above the monkey, and the monkey is leaping out the mouth and grabbing onto the branch? You'd have to shrink what you have down a bit and shift it down and to the left to make it fit comfortably, though.

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