your favorite PBs? and popular PBs that you never get it ...

  • When I ask myself what is my favorite picture book, it seems to be an easy one, but I thought a long time to list my favorite ones. So here are my top ones.

    Favorite ones

    1. Hello lighthouse (Sophie Blackall)
    2. Town is by the Sea (illustrated by Sydney Smith)
    3. A wonderful do nothing day (by Beatrice Alemagna) . I am more drawn to her illustration than the story in this book.

    Well-sold PBs that I never get it, and Yes, I can be dumb sometimes

    1. Dragon loves taco .... (is it supposed to be a funny one?)
    2. Giving Tree (I thought that young men is so selfish .... )

    Just wonder what is/are your favorite picture book/books? and is there any well-sold PB that you never get it ?

  • @idid I'm a huge fan of the illustrations in those three too, and here's what I'd add to my ever-evolving favorites list:

    Cuando levantas la mirada/When you look up (Decur)
    Undefeated (Kwame Alexander/Kadir Nelson)
    Home (Carson Ellis)
    What do you do with a voice like that? (Chris Barton/Ekua Holmes)
    The Rough Patch (Brian Lies)
    A River of Words (Jen Bryant/Melissa Sweet)

    Plus books from childhood that have stayed with me:
    Sam, Bangs, and Moonshine (Eveline Ness)
    Night Kitchen (Maurice Sendak)
    A Visit to William Blake's Inn (Nancy Willard/Alice + Martin Provensen)
    and EVERYTHING from Richard Scarry

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    @idid when I was younger I didn’t get the giving tree either. Now that I’m a parent of a teen I sooooo get it. Lol. I am the tree. 😜

  • @burvantill Oh, that makes some sense to me now. I always thought that is a PB for kids, and it is always in the children's PB section in libraries ....

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    @idid my favorite picture book of all time is Mercer Mayer’s “East of the Sun West if the Moon”
    I remember reading it and staring for hours on end at the illustrations. He hides things in his pictures for people who look closely. My sister and I realized that if we held a mirror up to the page, we could read the words carved into the steps on the north wind’s house. It was mesmerizing to me. That book made me want to be an illustrator.

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