how did you put your emotions Into your work referring to racism and the current events

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    Not sure if that was the best title. First off, this is not the place to debate the issues right now. Go to any other platform where 90% of what is being posted right now is where you can share your opinion.

    Here is where my heart is... I just want to open up and share what I’ve created. Tell you what I was feeling and see if that came across. And I would love to see what you guys have created as well. When the shut down was in full force I had to create a piece that allowed my emotions to escape onto paper. I had the same feelings this past week. How do I feel about racism? How do I feel about George Floyd. My daughter is on Instagram and doesn’t understand what seems to make perfect sense to her. Why would people treat other people differently because of their skin color. She’s watching how i respond. We’ve talked about race her entire life, but she’s never seen the social unrest through the lens of IG. What is my real reach? What do I want to say?

    Here’s where I landed with who I am and my reach. I’m white and I am from South Carolina. My friends and family need to know how i feel. My friends who are African American need to know that I believe racism exists and I will do what I can to not say and do things that are hurtful. This also mean understanding the meaning behind actions and phrases and doing my homework. They need to know that I am teaching my kids to love and treat others kindly and fairly. They need to know I will stand and protect them. My other reach is my white fiends and family. They need to know that it’s going to get uncomfortable if conversations occur where things are hurtful, inappropriate and when I feel it’s time to change our way of thinking, I’m going to talk about it. I will not tolerate racism in any form. But also, it’s going to be a kind conversation. I’m not yelling or attacking. We just need to pause and think and change.

    So my work. Trying to make the image using the “entire box of crayons.” crayola has a huge box of skin tones. I wanted to celebrate the individual and the collective whole at the same time. That we are all beautiful together and individual. In the heart I wanted it to show unity and being so held together that the seeds of racism don’t have a change to grow. It’s not finished. I can’t figure out if I want to show quotes of unity or a barrier that blocks out hatred.

    There are three images so far. It will take a few posts to put them all up on the thread


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  • Hi @Whitney-Simms
    I'm currently a little strapped for time, I'll post a Longer reply later. But I just wanted to say I love your work and agree with what you are saying ❤
    It's important to speak up and kind discussions are the best. I'm really sad about what's going on right now.
    Will write a more thoughtful response later, thanks for sharing!

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    @Coley thanks coley! We are asked to speak up, and it’s hard. There’s tons of fear in speaking up. Telling someone i love them I hope is the right direction. And if I need to do it differently, I’ll try again.

  • Focusing on a specific, close community seems like a good start--much less nebulous than addressing social media at large. In writing, people often are encouraged to speak to an audience of one and accept that anyone beyond that might not connect with what they're saying. So I think the more you hone in on conversations with individuals or on specific experiences, the better! All the intensity of 2020 seems like it's going to reshape the foundational question of why we create what we create. That exploration in itself is worth processing via art. Lots of slow, intentional learning ahead. Thank you for sharing ❤

  • Reminds me of this work by Shayda Campbell 🙂

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    @slywriter thanks so much for your thoughts. I do like what you said about finding your audience or individual to speak to. There’s so much to say, but who do you want to reach or touch with your work. Or even talk to. That’s awesome. And lots of slow growth for sure in 2020. The pandemic and isolation was so surreal and different to anything the world was accustomed to. And then the social and racial (I can’t even think of a name or title of this that is fitting) happenings? Is something that is reoccurring and been happening for longer than our country has existed. That is a slow change and hopefully at some point we will be able to see a difference in the world. But honestly, not looking to change the world, just myself, my home and continue to reach out as best as I can. It’s the old starfish story, “it mattered to that one.” I can’t fix the problem, but I can tell someone I love them. I can make someone smile. And I can learn more and be better.

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    @KathrynAdebayo that was a great piece! Thanks for sharing that with me. Great message and beautiful watercolors.

  • Yeah. I had to have some serious conversations with a friend who always wanted to be a police officer because of the films he’s watched and he had a difficult time realizing how in reality they are more often than not, a problem rather than heroes.

    For him and many like him this is only the beginning of realizing how big of a problem this is and has been for a long time. And why it’s very important to have these conversations and offer support to the BLM movement.

    It completely blew his mind when I brought up the topic of prison labor and how many companies that have “made in america” printed on them use prison labor.

    Anyway, in terms of using art to support I’ve been doing caricatures for $20 a piece and donating it all to various charities. Managed to raise $300 so far. It’s not a lot but I encourage anyone doing commissions that can afford to do so to consider donating all, or some, of their commission income towards various organizations. If you want a list of organizations or what they do to support let me know I’d be happy to provide them.

  • @ArtofAleksey that's awesome. I've been doing a similar thing--people send me proof of donation to various organizations, initiatives, bail funds, etc, and I draw them a custom doodle. $2500 so far--it works!! And I'm also happy to share lists and ideas if anyone's interested.

  • @esgoldman oh rad! Great job

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    @esgoldman and @ArtofAleksey you guys are killing it! That’s awesome. I would love a list. I have a few things in mind already, but I would love to see what you guys have come up with.

    The images I posted are going to be turned into notecards. That’s kinda what I do. And all the profits from that will be donated to something. I want to explore “be the bridge.” A woman on Instagram has promoted them. Her handle is @ohhappydani . I think I spelled it right. She is super kind to “white Christians” yet insanely informative. SOOOOO good. I feel that changes hearts can be done in so many ways and she really has a way to bring out the compassion and understanding that has helped me even break through to my family. Not to mention push my thinking.

    I kinda want to do a sticker that says “listen, learn, act.” Maybe in the center of the flower heart. And those profits would go to the cause as well. I know there is much to be done In Systematic reforms of organizations. But... there are many many many hearts that need to break down their defensive walls and try and understand with compassion and look. I kinda feel like that is where I need to start. Where my scope of influence can start.

  • @Whitney-Simms those ideas sound great! I love "listen, learn, act" as a message.

    I found that a lot of the bigger, widely publicized initiatives were overwhelmed with donations last week, so now I'm focusing on smaller, more local funds and organizations. Here's an amazing (and expanding) list of Black funds and "creative ecosystems" that Annika Hansteen-Izora put together: be a good starting point or lead you elsewhere.

  • Oops, I messed up that link:

  • This is a pretty good list.

    I would also consider ACLU and various bail funds in the cities major protests are happening
    Minneapolis seems to have gotten plenty of support and have requested people to donate to other bail funds. (Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Bronx, etc). They are helping those wrongfully arrested during protests.

    If you want to donate to those having a hard time due to covid I suggest the Navajo Relief Fund or Partnership With Native Americans as well. They have lost a majority of their resources due to covid, including standard necessities like food and medical supplies, especially the elderly.

  • @ArtofAleksey Yes!! ^^^
    Though I do know that Brooklyn Bail Fund isn't accepting donations anymore...
    Another good idea is legal defense for protesters--NK Jemisin lays out some options here:

  • @esgoldman oh i must have donated before that happened. Thanks for more information.

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