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  • Hi everyone! I have completed the basic perspective course a couple days ago and have come away knowing perspective is one of my largest weaknesses as an artist. It's something is look forward on working on while continuing the courses here at SVS.

    I'm posting my fourth attempt on the final assignment done in 2pt perspective. It took me sometime to adjust to not actually seeing my VP but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

    Would love any feedback and or criticism on this piece, thanks in advance!Basic Perspective final.jpg

  • @Andrew-Spinney said in Basic Perspective Final:

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    I don't think it's enough to really go off of and critique tbh. It's probably like what, 20 lines?

    You can critique your own freehand perspective too by placing lines on top of your lines to the vanishing point, and see how far apart your lines actually end up.

  • @Frost-Drive appreciate the reply, I’ll have to try another! Thank you

  • SVS OG

    @Andrew-Spinney I am not good at perspective, but my eyes seem to be okay with this, if you know what I mean. Usually something feels off when I see a drawing where the perspective is out of wack. I face this in my own work sometimes, but I don't always see what needs fixing. This is not really big enough to see a whole lot, but the only issue I see is that there is a tangent where the top edge of the mattress meets the bottom of the trunk. That's the only spot that feels off to me. It looks like it overlaps a bit, but not quite enough. This can make it appear like the trunk is floating right above the edge of the mattress, and just a little more overlap would solve it I think. I hope that's helpful.

  • @Pamela-Fraley I have to agree with you on the toy chest and mattress. Thank you!

  • Another attempt at the final assignment, I think I have learned a lesson on having both my vp too tight into the frame where square planes become wonky and distorted with the bed looking a little strange.
    bedroom 2pt per.jpg

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