How to Draw Everything Exercises/Practice

  • Hello everyone! I just finished this class recently, and I figured now was the time to post some of my assignments and practice drawings. I am sorry in advance for the camera quality; I don't have access to a printer or scanner as of now, so I had to use my not so great camera instead 😞

    I am open to any feedback or advice you may have that would benefit me moving forward. I know right off the bat that my line work and inking skills are not my strong suit. Also, I used some cheap markers for adding tone to my drawings, so I couldn't blend them or get as smooth a stroke as I wanted. Serves me right for not buying some copics I guess!

    Those last three drawings are just my own studies and sketches, trying to put what I learned into practice! 🙂 I see some royal mess-ups in all of my drawings, but I'm definitely trying my hardest to absorb the concepts and lessons I learned from this class!

    Thanks for looking! 😃

    Upside-Down Contour Line Exercise
    Contour Line Exercise
    Negative Space Exercise
    Shapes in 1 point perspective
    Demo Assignments
    IMG_20200526_113159_kindlephoto-7956870.jpg IMG_20200530_085412_kindlephoto-3218813.jpg IMG_20200530_085451_kindlephoto-3336455.jpg
    Putting it all into practice!
    IMG_20200530_085608_kindlephoto-3521096.jpg IMG_20200530_085659_kindlephoto-3692223.jpg IMG_20200530_085730_kindlephoto-3771960.jpg

  • SVS OG

    These are great! I need to finish this class. My momentum came to a screeching halt when the quarantine hit. 😆 What are you using for the trees? is it pencil or charcoal? Ink?

  • @Pamela-Fraley Thank you so much! 🙂 I used colored pencil for the sketching, then used a couple Pigma micron ink pens for the finished drawing. I need to get my hands on a brush pen soon, that way I can really work on my line weight/quality. It's kind of hard to do those things with technical pens.

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