Isolation mouse wip

  • Sort of detailed greyscale thumbs for isolation prompt. Still rough. Wondering if people can read the story so I won’t spell it out lol. Maybe not really a story, but an emotion, or something...
    If anyone has any ideas let me know, would love some thoughts and ideas!

  • Looks like it's going to be very cute! My first read is that the mouse is waiting for their dinner guest?

  • @miranda-hoover yes. Thanks 😊
    I kind of meant to have the lone mouse initially. Looking off in the distance. Then I thought they were lonely and added the second empty chair. Now I’m wondering if it makes sense that the mouse would be looking upwards at the sky waiting for a mouse friend to fly in lol. Might be back to the drawing board or creative idea board ha ha. 🤪

  • @Coley I think it's a really cool idea because it makes you wonder whom the mouse might be waiting for at a cliff. Maybe to push the idea, you could leave a little hint of what that creature might be. Since it was a cliff, I thought it might be a bird (or maybe a giant cat, lol). If it's another mouse, you might leave a hint as to how they would fly in (or maybe zipline in 🤔).
    Anyway, I think it's a cool idea that you should stick with it!

  • @miranda-hoover thanks for the input. I'm thinking about a parachute. Or maybe put the mouse inside a jar (sad tho lol) or on a flower looking up at other flowers from below. Brainstorm has to happen Ha ha.

  • Hi @Coley, may just be me - but your character looks like a koala; perhaps it’s the nose? I like the idea of another mouse parachuting in for dinner with the light guiding the way.

  • @Jeremy-Ross thanks. I’ll keep that in mind for final sketch. 😊

  • cute illustration! I read similar as @miranda-hoover , a mouse waiting for guest for dinner. Why are the table/chairs much smaller than the mouse though ? perhaps a mini-guest ?

  • Some further thumbs if anyone had any thoughts 🙂. Mouse on a cliff went to on a swing, to a ladder on the moon, to a canoe, to a moon boat lol. I’m needing some space to figure out what works best but if people had any thoughts, I’d love to hear them.
    I think mouse looks more isolated in the swing ones and the canoe (a,b,c) without any reeds, but I might be liking the moon boat 9i and j) More because it’s A little more magical. Thank you for any input.


  • @Coley I think my favorite is e. The idea that the moon is illuminated because an isolated person is searching for someone is a a good concept. Perhaps the ladder can lean into the moon more, at an angle that balances with the angle of the star's string.

  • @Coley I love the ideas you have here. A lot of these could work well as a final illustration! I think my personal favorite of these thumbnails is the moon boat. It's very whimsical and sweet. 🙂

  • @Coley this is so cute. I like the moon boat a lot. Very magical

  • Thanks @Jacy13 and @EliaMurrayArt 😁

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