New Photoshop update not behaving

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    Adobe kept prompting me to update to the newest version of Photoshop, but I put it off for a while. Finally yesterday, I kind of had to because I changed my hard drive which prompted a new Windows installation and having to re-install all my programs including Photoshop. The new 2020 Photoshop update is NOT behaving at all! It keeps crashing. Sometime when I use the hand tool to move around my canvas, it will scroll way off in a direction I didn't ask for then freeze. I'm having the hardest time getting my work done. ARRGGH!! Anyone else having this issue? Any fixes?

  • @NessIllustration Yeah I backed down 2 releases. Some of the tools were not working properly either for me besides the crashing. Here's how to access the previous versions so you can install earlier ones:

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    @jdubz Thank you that's so helpful! I really might do that, this is driving me batshit

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    @jdubz I had to go back 6 versions to fix this issue! But it all works like a charm now 🙂 Thanks for your help!

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    @NessIllustration About two weeks ago I had a whole series of really weird problems with Photoshop 2020. But the most frequent one was a terrible, unworkable, lag. I couldn't even make a selection.

    I ended up wasting almost a whole week in Photoshop tech support. The symptoms would change, and the next tech would cancel what the first one did. They reset preferences three times and I reinstalled the whole program once. At one point they blamed it on my Cintiq driver and told me to contact them. I reinstalled the driver a few times. But the weirdest part was the I hadn't updated either PS or my Cintiq driver l that recently--maybe three weeks before. The seemingly random nature of these problems is so maddening!

    Finally one of them contacted me about an open case and I said, "Sorry, but I think I've wasted enough time on this. At least PS functions now, and I need to get back to work." I'm sure they try, but it doesn't seem much like the left hand knows what the right is doing.

    As far as I can tell, the thing that helped me was buying a huge new external SSD card and putting a ton of stuff on that. Then I freed up all the space I could on my computer. It seems to work better now, except a problem that I've had for years in which things pop up on the Cintiq while I'm working. And for the past few days, my brush size suddenly increases, causing me to have to erase the stroke I've just made. But that's a lot better than two weeks. ago.

    I just include all of these detail in case someone else is having the same symptoms. These darned machines! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

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    @LauraA That sounds so awful, I'm sorry to hear you've been having so many issues! 😨
    I also had the terrible horrible lag. It would come and go so I didn't know what was up. When it was bad, it was so slow that it was unworkable, like it would take a minute for a brush stroke to appear. Finally, one time when it was slow I asked my boyfriend to investigate. He opened the task manager and discovered that whenever I had the lag, the disk was working at 100% capacity for not good reason at all. It was also making this wheezing, dying sound. He asked me how old my hard drive was, and I'd actually been bringing it over from my last 2 computers so I wouldn't have to copy my files over, so it was a good 12+ years old. So he told me I had to change it ASAP. Good thing is these things are cheap. I bought 2TB for about $40 and then my boyfriend installed it. It's running smoothly and so silently now! My problem came because I had to re-install Windows and all my programs, I got the new updates for everything and it all started misbehaving. The new Windows update didn't want to play nice with my tablet drivers, and I had like 3 issues with the Photoshop update. With hours of Googling I was able to resolve all problems except the weird hard crash with the hand. That just never went away until I went back 6 versions of Photoshop...

    Adobe does try, but every new version they come up with, everything breaks. When you contact customer support, they usually try to find you a workaround instead of addressing the core issue. One of them told me to deactivate the use of my graphics card for Photoshop!! That's good maybe for a diagnosis, but it's not a workable solution in the long run. They have these issues at every single update... Sometimes I wish they just get it to work then stop messing with it.

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    @NessIllustration The same happened to me with the graphics card, but in alternating fashion on alternating days and with alternating techs: Turn graphics card off, turn it back on, turn it off, turn it on. One actually told me that it was a workaround. I didn't like wasting all that time when there was no sense that anyone could actually fix the problem! Finally I just lost all patience with the process and decided that perhaps I would just figure out something myself.

    So do you mean that your hard drive was full as well? I don't think it sound like it was RAM (working memory), anyway. My RAM is ok, and now that I have about 50G free, that seems to have helped the lag. It cost me the April contest, though. I'll get to work on May!

  • I'm curious! I am using the CC version of PS. I have been since 2018. When I installed 2019, I still had 2018 on my menu. I used it for a while after upgrading to 2019. Are you that have issues and had to go back to a prior version using the CC subscription service or actual installed updates?

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    @deborah-Haagenson I have the subscription for the photography package. But I still have to actually install the updates. I get prompts every once in a while and usually ignore them because I know THIS will happen

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