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  • Hi everyone!

    So I'm trying to work through my anxieties about my own art and trying to improve my skills while I'm teaching from home and dealing with the shutdown. To start with, I'd love to get some feedback on my website. I've been trying to keep the things to illustration-based work. My goal as an artist is to tell stories, whether that be through portraits of people or children's books.

    I'd love to get some feedback on it. I haven't really talked to fellow artists or gotten an in-depth critique since I graduated college five (almost six) years ago. Thanks in advanced!

    Lauren Petiti Illustrations

  • SVS OG

    Hi @lpetiti
    your website is organized and is very easy to maneuver around. I notice you have a few styles you like to do, and if you have a few things published then I'd focus the content on your website around that. I do like your watercolor work most, however.
    Having your site a little more honed in would be my suggestion. Put work on your site that you'd be happy to be getting jobs for. Hope that helps!

  • It really does. I'm still building things up as far as getting a specific style going so that accounts for the different styles. Right now, everything on there would be things I'd be proud to get hired for, so at least I've got that going.

  • @lpetiti Hi Lauren! The first thing I also noticed is that your website is super organized which is great!

    A few suggestions of mine:

    1. Have your name be the biggest font on the page since that's what you want people to remember
    2. You can have your name and "Illustrations" on 2 separate lines (if your theme allows it - most themes usually allow for a title and subtitle sort of thing)
    3. The big "Welcome" text is a little distracting and unnecessary and pushing your actual content out of the page. Maybe you can remove it from the landing page and welcome people in your "About" section?
    4. Since you have various styles and mediums you are open to getting jobs in, they should be highlighted without having to scroll down. Add each of your categories (children's books, portraits etc.) in the top menu so that the viewer instantly knows what to expect when they get on your website and can get to it without having to scroll.
    5. This is up to you, but it may also help to have your email mentioned separately on the contact page apart from the contact form.

  • @Neha-Rawat thank you! I use Adobe Portfolio for my website so I'll have to play around and see what I can mess with.

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