Prop Class Final Assignment - CC welcome!

  • Here is my design for Jake's prop class. I have so much fun learning, and realize I still have a long way to go. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi @TheTarheelYankee! I think it's a nice design that is both creative and shows attention to shape language (not sure whether I'm using the right term, but mean that the same kinds of shapes repeat themselves). I'm just imagining the whirring and slight movement in that hovering lamp! I'm imagining all the furniture in a combination of metal and plastic or laminate. And as it is mostly rounded, I imagine the character who uses it as benign (and perhaps short), even if perhaps he or she wants to be taken seriously. I also think this is a person who likes his comforts, with that rounded tablet and the coffee warmer.

    If I had to say something, I would think about two things: One is that you have an ergonomic chair, but the back is straight up and looks like it might not be so comfortable over the course of a day. I say that as someone who pays a lot of attention to back comfort! Maybe you could curve that spine a bit to support the lower back. You could even think about curving the front of the table for comfort.

    The other is harder to pinpoint. There is something about the proportions that may or may not draw through. For instance, how does that curved rod under the table work? I think it's thicker in the front and am not sure it's coming out parallel in the back. Also, for purely compositional purposes, I would make it clear that the chair is not attached to the desk. I thought it was at first because of how the table leg meets the chair. Somehow I want to see fewer even spaces between components, but that's really hard to describe so I'll just say that if you have your components on different layers, you can move them around a bit to work on this.

    I'm following this course too at the moment, so I like seeing someone else's submission! I was an interior designer in a former life, but this class really makes one think! I really like how for books, one can invent furniture that would be very unlikely to sell in real life, but it expresses the character perfectly!

    P.S. Does your name that mean you're from the north and living in NC, or perhaps you are a fan of both the Tarheels and the Yankees?

  • Hey @LauraA, Thank you so much for your very well thought out feedback, I really appreciate it! I agree with the legs of the desk. I never really liked how they looked. I also see what you are saying about the chair seeming like its attached. I'll definitely take this into consideration in future projects!

    And very nice detective work on my name haha. You are correct in both guesses!

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