My Wonderful Experience At SVS (A Farewell Note)

  • ![0_1588005532152_SVS THANK YOU (1).jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1588005512544_SVS THANK YOU (1).jpg](Uploading 100%) Hi. My name is Alvaro Morales, from Valencia, Venezuela, South America. Yes, one of the worst places in the world right now to live. It is hard to work as a creative in places like this, where you certainly don´t know if you´ll gonna have electricity or internet connection at least for few hour in the day. Certainly, we don´t have too much good things here right now, and for sure I´m not here to describe the situation of my country. I´m here to describe the wonderful experience I´ve had here at SVS. I´m a 50 y.o. graphic designer. not a professional illustrator. But I always wanted to be an illustrator. It is hard to find good education focused in illustration at Latin America, and be here believe me, it was like it was like removing a blindfold. I´m not sure if I´m too old to get into the illustration business Or maybe someone will notice my work being in place marked with a red X on the world map.. But what I know now, is I am a better artist, and I am very grateful to Mr. Will Terry, Mr. Lee White, Mr. James Yang, Mr. Shane Hunt and for sure, the last but not less important, THE MR. Jake Parker, for let me experience this level of education & knowledege through this 30 days-trial that ends tomorrow for me. So, THANK YOU very much guys!, God bless you all at SVS family. One which I belong from now and forever ...![0_1588005409867_SVS THANK YOU.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Hi! I understand the classes can be motivating, but it sounds like you took a lot of classes in the free trial. Now maybe you can do classwork. Consider staying around this forum because it's free and we are all helping each other become better artists.

  • @carolinebautista Yes, I took many courses as I could, waking up 5AM mostly because it is the time when the internet connection is more stable in order to watch the videos fluently. I´m outside USA, and they ask for veryfied credit card from US bank. I don´t have it. I´m here because SVS made an exception because I explained a bit my situation. Hope you understand it.

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    The forum is free and the art friends are real. You should keep sharing your progress with us here even if you don’t take the SVS classes. 🙂

  • @burvantill Hi Lis. yeah, thanks, Actually, I´ll stay here at the forums, and share my work in progress, and ideas I have to explore new ways to showcase the artworks. One of the them is using prototyping apps, as Invision Studio or Adobe XD. Imagine to tell a story but as an app. Thanks for your input!

  • Hi Alvaro. Were you able to complete enoough of the courses in the 30 days or do you need to complete more of them?

  • SVS OG

    Alvaro, I'm glad you could get so much out of your trial! In case it helps, international students can use PayPal. But I understand if there's just too much chaos to continue.

  • @Kim-Hunter Hi Kim. Actually took enough course, but other couldn´t because are too long. But I guess I did my best, and I am fairly happy for the knowledge I got here, now is time to put it in play, and this forum is a great place to start. Just checkmy Hospital Rover artwork. Your input would be very appreciate it. Thanks for your comments, are important to me. Cheers!

  • @LauraA Hi Laura, thanks for your comment. Actually I have a PayPal account, but is not a veryfied one. Yes, is a chaotic situation we have here, but is something to deal with. And I´m VERY happy for this experience.

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