Last call on help with horse bot pleeeeeese 🤪

  • I have several versions on horse bot, one with a coloured background (please ignore patches of white etc as they were meant to be fixed), one on a plain background and another with just Lisa’s feet sticking out. Any thoughts on what works? I am at a point where I can’t decide anything anymore. I like horse bot but I feel like something is missing or wrong but no idea what. !

    9433EE40-64BA-4588-81DF-CF302FA99213.jpeg 94022927-B306-4ED9-B2E2-F76F56F2D957.jpeg ECEF9E06-800E-4288-9101-58FB8608CD3D.jpeg

  • @Coley hahaha I actually REALLY like Lisa being out of frame - perhaps her boot could also be flying off. It's unexpected, silly, it made me laugh.
    😃 Well done on all of them though.

  • I personally like the first one with just Lisa's leg. It's funnier and it makes the robot the main star and really emphasizes the excitement of longing for that apple. I do really like the other two versions as well- they sort of make you sympathize with both characters equally.

    Your robot design is so fun. I really enjoyed seeing all of the sketches and concepts for this and think you should make a mini-series for these characters. The rendering, design, and gestures feel so natural and attractive. Really fun work this month.

  • @EliaMurrayArt I ki d of like her being out of frame better too (and all that work I did on rendering her lol 😂). But I’m willing to let her go. The flying boot idea is excellent, thanks!

  • I agree with @EliaMurrayArt because it is super clear what happened in the first one. But I have issues with the grass! It's too close to the edge or something. It's just that I don't have a possible solution for that except using the bg from #3. I do think that if this were my piece, I would play around with a bit of cropping, because your rendering of the horse bot is so good, that you should let people see it in full detail.

  • @carolinebautista thanks! I should have spent more time on the background and not on the girl 😂. I have trouble rendering backgrounds so I’ll keep playing around. I’d like horse bot to be more featured, I did make it bigger but maybe even bigger, I’ll play with it, thanks 😊

  • @Coley - A couple quick suggestions that hopefully don't throw too big of a wrench!

    Perhaps make the horses head tilted up towards the apple, I think that will continue the line of action more. Plus if you imagine, that horse's main goal is eating the apple - ket him lead with his teeth. Especially now that the little girl is not holding the reins!

    And then move the horse up towards the apple (the whole horse) just a smidge - that might help balance the comp a bit more too.

  • @EliaMurrayArt that might be doable. Thank goodness for the transform tool LoL. As long as I can maintain a believable perspective. I'll play with it later tonight. 🙂

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