SVS Video Playback Issues

  • Hello,

    Got a weird one here. I picked up an old Surface 2 tablet a few months ago just for studying SVSLearn videos on. It only has Internet Explorer on it and can't download any other browser, but it was working fine till this morning. Now the enrollments page loads fine once I've signed in, but when I go into one of my courses, it crashes. It said something about a plugin no longer being supported or something, can't remember as it only popped up once.

    Has anything been updated on the site over the past few days?

    I than tried an Asus tablet I got as a backup, but that will not display any of the video content? I can fully browse the course layout, see all the pdf files to download etc, but if I click on any of the videos, it displays nothing, just the button to say, complete and continue.

    I tried Chrome and the default Asus browser on the tablet and both did the same thing?

    I'm now on my Surface Pro 2, but if I'm rending a video I can't do anything else, so it was nice to have a device dedicated to SVSlearn.

    I have an ipad pro I can use, but I would rather fix the issue with these other devices, otherwise I will sell them as I only got them for SVSlearn.

    Very weird, does anyone have any advice?

    I can supply screenshots if you would like 🙂

    Thank you for your time,


  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Sophie-Lawson Hi there! Our classes are best viewed using the following browsers:


    Microsoft Edge


    iOS Safari: 11 and up
    Samsung Internet

    Internet Explorer is not supported on our class platform, and it looks like Microsoft is in the process of phasing out Internet Explorer in favor of Microsoft Edge, so it might be a good time to switch!

    As for the issues with your tablet, I'm not very technically savvy, but when was the last time you updated your browser and operating system?

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