Scbwi draw this link?

  • For the life of me I can’t figure out how to find the scbwi draw this webpages. Anyone know? I sent in an entry last month but never heard anything back.

    Also this month they put out the wrong prompt, now I have to redo a new illustration 🤪


    You can always go to their home page, click on the top navigation item "awards and grants" then look for the heading that says "for illustrators." Draw This is listed there.

    They will not email you back and you don't get any sort of confirmation after submitting which isn't super encouraging but if they received your submission it will always appear in their online gallery. If you check the gallery and don't see your work you can contact them to see what went wrong.

    And yes, they've posted the wrong prompt word a few times and sometimes forget to update it all together. It seems a bit disorganized but I think that thy are doing the best that they can with limited staff. Still a great opportunity though if you resonate with their prompt word and have time to pull a piece together!

  • @StudioLooong thanks so much! I just couldn’t figure this out 😂 and I’m sure it must be hard for any organization to keep everything straight, especially theses days ....too bad about having to redo the prompt but it’s far from the end of the world!
    Edit__ I see the call for this month but not last month’s gallery for some reason? Maybe it’s my iPad? Maybe it’s me being not with the times lol

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    @Coley I believe they changed it up and are doing it through Instagram now. You post it and tag them. If I remember correctly. You can probably find the info in their IG profile.

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    @Coley link text

    Here’s the link to the first IG post with the new format. But wrong prompt LOL.

  • @burvantill thanks. I saw that. But what I can't find is the gallery for the March prompt which was"climate change." M.i.a! 🤷

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    @Coley 🤔 you got me there. Lol.

  • @burvantill yeah I got me, too, lol. Can’t find it anywhere.

  • Do you think you need to be a member to join the contest? I knew that was the rule before they started using social media. But it would be too much logistic work if they need to check all the submitions on social media.

  • @xin-li if they’re using a hashtag I agree, anyone can do it . Maybe they just pick the winners from active subscribers . But then there is a little less benefit to being a member then in some ways for illustrators. I was kind of excited thinking my work would be in the illustrator galley on their site every month but I cant even find the monthly galleries myself. I don’t know if I’m missing something that’s easy for other people to see but I even google searched it and can’t find it.

  • I only recently joined SCBWI for the first time and I’ve found their website really hard to navigate - I already had to email them to find the list of local contacts that was described as being on a page that didn’t exist.

    The monthly prompt thing had me confused too - I was looking for previous galleries but have had no luck so far...

    Also their Instagram post says to just tweet or IG your entry with the hashtag but then the page on their website says that does not count as entering and is just an extra for fun thing. According to their page you do have to be an active member and only email submissions are counted. 🤷

  • @neschof I joined recently, during the first month I entered draw this. I think we got an email with a link to that month’s gallery. I can’t find one in my inbox or in spam. I’ll look again just in case. Maybe they’re messed up because of covid. They did an awesome video for members about navigation through these times.

  • @Coley yeah, it seems like there's lots of cool stuff, I just need to find the time to look through it! I've been getting their emails about the online workshops but haven't managed to watch any yet.

  • Yeah the SCBWI website could be better managed. Their instructions aren't very clear anywhere. I think they're just inviting people to the challenge on their social media but the winners will be selected from active members who email their submissions (like how they've been doing it till now).

    The #SCBWIDrawThis hashtag already has a 1000+ entries from before on instagram and they haven't mentioned a separate hashtag for April so I doubt they'll choose from social media.

    For the gallery link, I haven't been able to find it either. I went back to the older months gallery link and they usually create a new blogspot page with the following format


    but the last month's entry for climate change doesn't exist 🤷

  • @Neha-Rawat thanks, it sounds like it's probably just missing because of the crazy times and people all working remotely now.

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