Angle and drawing critique please

  • ello all

    trying to use better camera angles, would like the duck popping up over the horizon but its not working, also mummy rabbits legs... too extended?

    big learning curve, but grateful for all advice!
    Suffering strongly from comparisonitis... I know I'm new in the game but gosh some of you guys are GOOD!!

    Thank you!new easter bunny.jpg

  • It looks at the moment as though they're somehow walking along a stripe that has been painted on a ball, because the vanishing point drops down so low, lower than the mid ground. Her rear arm also looks a little confusing, the anatomy is not quite right, too low I think, looks dislocated, and the rope looks too short for the distance its supposed to cover between her and the egg cart. Plus at the minute its the same thickness all along, the severe perspective in the image would mean a noticeable change in thickness. I've done a quick mockup of what I mean, I just used the warp tool to bring the left of the image up a bit and ive put some sag in the rope. Also, you could be a bit more flattering to Mrs. Rabbit, no need to give her such fat ankles, unless she's eaten so much chocolate she's got diabetes! Lol.1586963826482-new-easter-bunny-resized2.jpg

  • I think you've done an excellent job already. I'm not sure what effect you are after exactly, but if you wanted to have the duck pop out more from the horizon line, you could possibly not show the sidewalk behind it. I did a bad job on the mom bunny, but hopefully you can see what I mean about not showing the sidewalk behind the duck.


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    @rachelpenman I LOVE wonky perspectives! I think you can pull this off with just a couple tweaks.
    The blue lines indicate where in space/ on the sidewalk everyone is. It helps to draw guidelines that follow the wonky perspective to make sure everything is lining up correctly. As long as you images follow the rules of your wonky perspective then it should look correct. It doesn't have to follow "the rules" of real perspective. Keep going!!! 😃👍
    ps, i bent your tree. lol. Just to enhance the wonk.😜

  • @gavpartridge that’s fantastic advice thank you!!
    And I must admit there’s been a lot of chocolate consumed in the house!! But no fat ankles... yet! 😂😂

  • @TessaW thank you! That’s exactly what I wanted but couldn’t see it!

  • @burvantill thank you!! I see so many drawings with interesting 'wonkiness' but never know what the rules are? So I thought if I gave it a go some thing might become clear, especially with all your help!

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