How to draw through walls?

  • I did a couple of pictures for the final assignment in SVS's basic 2 point perspective course. My question is (and maybe I'm over thinking it): How does one draw through walls? I have my room set up with the desk facing the wall (I may have changed the layout a bit from the actual assignment ;)). However, I want to see the face of my character working at the desk, which means I'm looking at them through a wall... Is there a better way to do this? I think I treated it like a movie set, and looked 'through' the walls. But I'm not sure if that just leaves it feeling like there's a desk in the middle of the room.

    Thanks for any advice!


    CayleenPerspective Room Practice.jpg one point room perspective practice 7.jpg

  • Hi Cayleen

    I am not sure this is going to be very helpful. You are right, it looks like the desk is in the middle of the room, I prefer the first composition though. You might either have to change the layout of the bedroom or show a side view where you can see the desk against the wall. Not sure this is very helpful.


  • Pretend theres a camera being used. You have a nice layout, but if you put a camera into the room, what would be the limitations of the pov?

    You can also cut the edges of the drawing off sooner.

  • Hi, thinking in terms of a camera, I would just bring the camera much closer to the character, something along these lines.Walls.jpg

  • BTW, I haven't done the class you mention, but the first image looks isometric in design, and the second looks like one point perspective, was that intentional?

  • @gavpartridge One was supposed to be 1 point, and one 2 point. I struggle with perspective drawing. I thought I was doing good with that 2 point one, but I've had two family members also point out it was isometric ;). It might actually be a mix of perspective and isometric? Because I'm that amazing ;). Thank you for the observation though!

  • @gavpartridge That's great!

  • @Cayleen If you're interested, I drew a quick mockup of what a 2 point perspective of you're first image might look like. Your lines don't converge, they're parallel, that's why it looks isometric. Also there's a good YouTube vid which sums it up in about six minutes.

    I find perspective to be one of those topics that seems so simple when you watch someone talk about it, and then when you come to do it, all the theory just evaporates into thin air.

  • @gavpartridge Yes! I see what you mean. Thank you, I'll take a look at the video. Thank you for your time, those pictures really help!

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