April Contest WIP Critique

  • Happy Good Friday fellow SVS friends,

    Normally, I hold out on WIP pieces for the monthly contest because I want my art to be a surprise; however, I’m missing out on good feedback from this amazing community.

    After attending @Braden-Hallett Zoom work process hangout (which was amazing by the way), I need to share more WIP pieces with the community to level up.

    My March piece (Volkswagen beetle with open suitcase) actually made it to the board yesterday! That’s the first time any of my pieces made it that far! Small wins right? Great motivation to keep pushing my boundaries!

    Without further ado, here’s my WIP for April. Can you guys tell what’s going on? Do you like my color palette? Is the piece interesting?

    Thank you in advance!

  • I love the color palette! Very spring-y. Is the idea that it’s an Easter bunny robot stealing everyone’s eggs instead of hiding them? Although I’m not too sure about the baskets. Have they been chomped through?

  • Hi @sarahlash! That’s it! Thank you for your feedback. I decided not to have the baskets chomped. Here’s an advanced WIP.

    Feedback welcome and appreciated!


  • Hi @Jeremy-Ross, I do think the piece is interesting, but the most interesting character, the bunnybot, is the flattest color. You might want to make it the most interesting colors or mute the other colors. Every color is competing for my interest. Maybe tone the background down a little? Also, your line weight for the background is heavier than the central figures. I would make skinnier line in the background and heavier lines in the foreground. Last, the crying kid is getting all my attention. Is he the central character?

    I hope this helps. It's a good concept and a funny story!

  • Thanks for the feedback @chrisaakins!

    Bunny bot only has a base coat currently, it will be detailed for attention.

    Your comment on the line work is on point, will definitely rework. I prefer the audience focus on Lisa and Bunny Bot, so I’ll mute the background characters more to drive the focus forward.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide your wonderful feedback!

  • Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to @chrisaakins and @sarahlash for my April WIP feedback.

    Here’s the final piece.

  • @Jeremy-Ross love it! I really like the bunny’s digital face. It reminds me of a lite bright 🙂

  • @Jeremy-Ross very nice. The bunnybot is so cute!

  • Thank you @sarahlash and @Coley!

    Had a blast with this piece, but it took me about 15hrs over the course of 10 days.

    I think I recall @Will-Terry saying some pieces can take 40hours!

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