Draw 50 Things Challenge - Would Love Feedback

  • Hey everyone, the last 2 weeks I thought I'd work on Will's #Draw50Things challenge, and I wanted to pair it with some different sketching and coloring methods I'm using and get some feedback. Last week when Will Terry was doing the live demos, I really wanted to try using a similar initial Grisaille approach with a warm tone underpainting.

    I ended up with hybrid approach, but I think it really let me blend colors in a more organic way and kept it looking more traditional throughout the process. I noticed at the end it still felt really colorful, but there are very few colors that ever get past maybe 30% saturation, so I hoped that is making it feel more balanced all around.

    Any feedback is welcome on what I might have done to make it better or improve upon.


  • @jdubz I like it! I think you did a good job with everything.

  • @jdubz Very nice, looks great!!

  • @jdubz this looks so good! Everything looks beautiful.
    I d consider changing the legs of the tinkerer a bit. My father always tinkers like that,and he never has a solid footing when sitting down.I mean his one foot always bends some way or is stretched.
    Just a tiny detail that I d figure you d want to hear!!
    Thanks dor sharing this beautiful piece!

  • @jdubz JdubsI think it looks good! One thing about the draw50things was drawing some tiny and some gigantic things. Most of your look the same size. But you made it work, so....

  • Thanks for the comments all!

    @Georgios-Christopoulos huh interesting. I'll see if I can feasibly go in there and not mess it up too bad and play with it 🙂

    @chrisaakins yeah I realized afterwards I was nearly done I didn't have any really big objects. The robot in the foreground is unfortunately the biggest thing.

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