• Top o' the Evenin' to y'all!

    My name is "T"—as in the esteemed British beverage, only not quite spelled the same. I've been lurking around SVS for a month or so, and figured today's as good a day as any to bid you all a jolly "hello!"

    I'm a musician by night (gotta pay the bills somehow!), a writer by day, specializing in unfinished novels (I have a few excellent ones lying around the house!), and a composer/producer when the need arises. I also dabble in photography (mostly of stock), and spend the rest of my time getting as far away from mankind as I possibly can (living in New York City this is a Sisyphean task, to be sure).

    Having said all this, some of you may wonder what I'm doing at SVS. Well, since I drum at night, write during the day, and take photographs when I sleep, I figured there wouldn't be much wrong with using the remaining in-between hours for a bit of illustrating. But wait! There's method to the madness...

    My wife—who's a singer—and I, are currently in the process of recording an album of children's songs, and we had the marvelous idea of combining a few of the songs with corresponding picture books. And that's why I'm here... I was charged with the task of learning how to draw.

    From what I have seen so far, SVS seems to be a very generous, caring, and utterly talented community of artists, art lovers, and pencil owners. So, even though seeing some of your incredible artwork is quite intimidating for a young pup such as myself, I will, with your kind permission, offer some of my beginning efforts for constructive criticism, ask for advice on how to best sharpen my Photoshop brushes, and possibly add 1 or 2 cents of my own on any given topic, every so often.

    And with that I holler "Cheerio!" in your general direction, and look forward to good times here at SVS.

    Thanks for reading,


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  • Helloo! Welcome and good tidings!

  • @Casual-T Welcome! I'm still a bit of a newbie myself. Yours is a good enough reason as any to learn illustration. And tea is my favourite drink 👋

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    @Casual-T welcome to the forum!

  • And a chip-cheerio to you to! I'm also a writer, learning to draw. Your music - story connection is a wonderful idea. Can't wait to hear what you do. Cheers!

  • Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

    @Lisa-Pickard... Tea is indeed a dangerously wonderful concoction. My wife always says she can never get enough tea... (Although she might be spelling it a wee bit different!)

    @Kim-Hunter... I'm also quite interested in seeing how all this will turn out. We have a few songs already recorded. There's one about penguins who get cold playing in the snow, one about a dog who loves eggs, as well as a couple of other doozies... Now all that needs to happen is for me to learn how to pose my amazing stick figures in a dynamic fashion, add anatomy, emotion, color, lighting, and do it all while paying close attention to that old bane of my existence—PERSPECTIVE... Easy-breezy!

  • Me too! Perspective is my albatross! Some days it looks great and on others it looks like the world is drunk. If there's something off in my drawings, it can usually be pinned on perspective. I'll just keep practicing until I get it right. Happy sketching!

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  • @Casual-T Hello and welcome!! That was such a fun introduction to read, I bet you could write a fun children's book too!❤

  • @carlianne Thanks so much for your very nice welcome message! I'm glad you enjoyed my little introductory ditty. Just as much as you enjoyed reading that, did I enjoy looking at the incredible illustrations on your website. Looking at them is simultaneously inspiring and intimidating; a very interesting mix of emotional responses—I shall name this INSPIRINTIMIDATION!!

  • @Casual-T lol! That is so sweet! Thank you ❤❤❤