looking for critique

  • Rhino in the road.jpg
    Looking for feedback.
    I am trying to make an image every 3 weeks for men portfolio and this is something I am working on.
    Thank for any input
    Luke Dougherty

  • SVS OG

    @Luke hi! The piece is looking great. Can you tell us more about the piece?

  • This is really beautiful! Love the rendering and the subtle warm vs cool. Without knowing what your goals are for this piece, it looks to me that the rhino and the car are supposed to be the focal points? If so, I'd recommend separating them from the background a little with some atmospheric perspective. It might also be nice to give the whole rhino a glaze of your cooler color, to further make it stand out as a focal point.

  • The idea was a kind of surrealist thing, the rhino is just really out of place and the people aren't paying any attention, only the driver. Its set in a time and place that are loosely based on Prague during the Second World War.

  • Hey you art work looks great! My only humble opinion would be to maybe look at albrecht durer rhino for some inspiration on detailing the rhino, and maybe try to play with some of the tone. But the people and the building etc are done very well!

  • I'm really loving the style and subject of this piece so far, also the values and the technique. I'm having the most difficulty reading which planes the various characters are on. The rhino seems like he's right in front of —maybe stopping—the car, but the straight side view of the car is visually at odds with the slight 3/4 angle of the rhino's head. Anybody else having visual confusion there? Plus, the guy on the bike in the foreground is tangental to the driver's arm which I think might be flattening this out a bit.

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    I like the environment. And you’ve captured the ambivalence of everyone towards the rhino. But I wish I could see a value separation, it’s all living in a very close value range. I think some strategic light is called for.

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