Perspective Grids set up

  • I'm working on varying my camera angle in my work, so moving forward I'm setting up each Photoshop file with a two point (or three point) perspective grid. Does anyone else do this for every piece, and how far off the canvass do you move your lines to avoid distortion?

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    I very rarely start anything without a perspective grid in place. It’s almost automatic by now. I use a super cool Photoshop plugin called PerspectiveTools V2: with that, you can set up a grid in under 30 seconds, so I literally just start a blank file, decide on the viewpoint and setup the grid before I even start with thumbnails.
    The plugin is sold on GumRoad, and, as far as I remember, only costs about 15 USD. Best 15 USD you’ll ever spend on software....

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    I forgot to far out the vanishing points are depends on what kind of “lens” you’re using for your image - vanishing points closer to the canvas on a 2 or 3-point grid give a wide-angle effect, which can lead to distortions if you exaggerate it. The farther out you place them, the more the image flattens out into an effect similar to the use of a zoom lens. All of this becomes very intuitive with a tool like PerspectiveTools, which just places the points automatically and generates the grid you want.

  • @smceccarelli Ooo -- thanks. I'll check it out now. I have CS5, so I'm crossing fingers it works with my dinosaur software.

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