A 3rd Thursday Critique, Please?

  • Hello! If anyone has a little time, I'd love your thoughts on what I might do to improve this piece. There are a few things I still plan to do, but I'd gladly hear anything you have to suggest. Thanks so much! hawkins.jpg

  • Hi! I really like "powdery" look of this and of course jet packs. I wish they were taking off though. Right now they are bent over with their glowing booties pointed at one another. I'm not trying to be crass. That's just the first thing that I noticed and my mind went there.

  • I think this is a really cute image and I like the feel with the powdery snow, however, the elves look like they are getting set on the line for a football play. Sorry, its a great idea that just what it feels like to me.

  • Yup. That's what I was going for.

  • Hey there. Here are a few observations:

    • Snowman and Mrs. Claus have the same pose and are about the same size. On purpose?

    • Snowman seems a bit lonely in the field by himself...

    • I doesn't read to me that the elves have jet packs on. It just looks like their little bumms were alight.

    • Goggles are a bit dark. They look like welding goggles.

    So I did a quick color enhancement to brighten it up a bit - hope you don't mind. Keep at it. You are don't great!

    push color.jpg

  • @Katrina-Fowler Great advice, Katrina! I really appreciate it!

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