Final critique request before entering SCBWI entry...

  • Allrighty, SVSers,
    I am doing the scary thing and entering my work to be critique at my local SCBWI illustration conference to be held in a few weeks. I decided to re-work one of my assignments from the interactive book covers class taught by @Lee-White and Jamie Zollars last summer (please do it again! or a class live, interactive class on developing a solid portfolio). I am looking for last minute critiques on my final.... AND just to prove class works... I'm posting my first attempt. If nothing else comes of this, I'm really proud of the improvement I can see.... Thanks, Svs instructors and forum critiquers!!
    First attempt:
    oz final 2019 (1).png
    New Final for submission:Wizard of oz book cover final for web.jpg

  • @Laurasketches what wonderful improvement! Good luck with your SCBWI critique. This looks wonderful, I remember seeing you reworking this a while back here on the forums. Good job!

  • This looks great! I love the way the lettering is pulled up into the chaos, and then the O settles around the city.

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