Nightfall WIP request for critiques

  • Hey all, I am attempting the improving my design and composition skills via thumbnails BEFORE I start to do a bunch of drawing...(which is usually what I want to do). I am looking for feed back on the thumbnail below. The concept is to show imagination at work in the night. My inspiration is my little girl who sneaks reading Harry Potter at night until she gets to a scary spot, then has to be comforted. I really like line work and my hope is to be able to add line work characters of the "scary imagination" in the black spaces of the design. Do ya'll think that will work? Thanks in advance! thumbnail of bedtime reading.jpg

  • I love your idea! Reminds me of when I was a kid and reading under the covers with a torch :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:
    I would like to see more thumbnails trying different angles as I think you could push this composition more. The bed feels like it's in an odd position (just off-centre) and I'm not sure about the almost birds-eye-view. Maybe you could try a POV from the doorway, as if the parent has just opened the door, with the light from the doorway leading your eye to the scared child.
    The child's expression is coming off as intrigued at the minute, so it could be fun to play with their expression and push the fear factor. I'm really looking forward to seeing your final piece!

  • Cool idea! If she is reading harry potter maybe referencing some of the scary characters in that story could be interesting. I agree with @eriberart about her facial expression. Looks great so far!

  • @Laurasketches this is a really cool idea! Looking forward to seeing the finished thing.

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