February WIP!

  • Hey all! I feel like I’m so behind on the February contest! I’ve been swamped with a large project on top of working full-time, so I’m excited to finally work on personal work. I’ve realized that I don’t have many pieces featuring kids nor large groups in my portfolio so I wanted to include a large group of kids in this piece. I played around with catching fireflies, ghost-hunting, and campfire stories, but I’m thinking that I’m going to go with treehouses! As a kid I always thought that treehouses were so cool, but never knew anybody with one. I guess I’ll have to settle with just drawing them 🙂

    They’re meant to be having some large slumber party in their treehouses, to match the theme of “nightfall”. As the sun sets and the moon rises, their party assembles!

    Along the strings I’d like to have the kids transporting items to each other, but haven’t really drawn it in yet. I’m excited about getting a chance to practice my perspective and painting different depths of fields!


  • @Kali cute idea! I'm doing a take on a treehouse too...I don't draw many animals so I have nocturnal animals in it to really challenge myself. Can't wait to see this in color. I love the color pallets you choose.

  • @KaraDaniel Thank you Kara! I’m excited to see yours 🙂 animals can be drawn in so many different ways. There is so much variety. I look forward to seeing how you tackle it!

  • @Kali I really like the composition you’ve created! It really moves your eye into the image.

  • @sarahlash Thank you Sarah! I’ve been doing my best to work on composition so I am so glad to hear that 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Update!


  • @Kali beautiful composition and very interesting shape you are using. I can recognize your design instantly.
    I think there might be room for improvement in the value arrangement in this piece. I took your image and changed it to grayscale (hope you do not mind).

    The overall value is quite close to each other, you might want to just add a bit more contrast.
    Depending on the story you want to tell, If the girl on the rooftop is the main focus of this piece, I would try to have the most contrast around her in terms of the value - I would make her a darker figure and against a lighter background for example. I would also move the tree behind her a bit towards the right so the tree is not overlapping her. In this way, she will have a clear silhouette. Right now, the girl gets disappeared if you shrink the piece into a thumbnail size, or squint your eyes.

    Hope this makes sense.

  • @xin-li Thank you for your feedback. I think you’re definitely right about the values! I’ll keep defining the values a little better as the piece continues.

    I think you’re right when it comes to the story being told- it’s rather unclear right now. To be honest, I didn’t intend for her to be the protagonist the piece, but it definitely reads that way with how I have it now. I think I really have to make the decision to make her the main character since she is the odd one out and sticks out from the shape of the composition. Thank you for the advice!

  • @Kali I love this. I reads really well. I agree with @xin-li about the value. I would make her lighter in value.

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    I love wonky perspectives! 👍

  • I started over... kinda. I wasn’t liking how it was turning out, so I went in and created some more refined Lineart. Still working on it! Definitely taking the longest out of any piece I’ve ever done, but something about it makes it mean a lot to me.


  • Adding in value! Just saw the February critique- I wish I would have varied my tree size more now!!


    My recorded time on this one so far is 19 hours... gonna have to hurry it up. My wrist has been feeling a lot of pain 😔

  • Another update!! My Apple Pencil died during my lunch break 😔62F4FB9A-A3EC-4773-BB5C-FD8EDDDD302A.jpeg

  • @Kali it's looking amazing! I hope you have time to finish

  • @neschof Thank you so much! I'm getting nervous about timing since February is a short month!! However, I am determined!

  • I love how you stylized this 💗 looks great!

  • @Katie-Kordesh Thank you 🙂

  • Adding in color! It’s getting there.


  • I feel like now that I’ve added color it isn’t working 😞 6EC3A30E-9069-41DE-B83A-32BEFD8D7AE1.jpeg

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