Basic Perspective Drawing Class - Final Assigment - Complete

  • Hi! This is my first posts in the forum (yay!)! Also, my first Final Assigment in SVS. Here is my work in progress, I still have to tidy up the lines and throw some value.


    Any suggestions or comments are highly appreciated!

  • @Manuel-Herrera It looks really good. The chest by the window looks odd to me, but it may be just an optical illusion. It looks like it is drawn correctly, but maybe the ellipse is wrong? (Probably not, I think it's just me) Your drawing follows the lines of perspective very well. Great job!

  • @chrisaakins Thanks a lot for your reply, Chris! I agree with you, the chest looks odd, specially the side. I think that is because of its proportions. In the assigment the chest is barely half unit wide, so maybe for a chest that small proportions makes it to look weird. Gonna try to change the overall shape of it! Thanks again for your comment!

  • @Manuel-Herrera This looks great! I found this assignment difficult, but it looks like you’ve nailed it. Love all your little details.

  • The perspective looks convincing to me and I'm not spotting any obvious mistakes. I do think the doorknob looks ever so slightly high. It feels as if an adult character in this scene would have to reach up a bit to open the door.

    Great job!

  • This is so great. I just did the assignment as well, but mine are all only boxes yet and I have not made any of the carvings on the objects! Yours is so good 🙂

  • @sarahlash Hi Sarah! Thanks a lot for your comment! I really had a hard time at the beginning! I couldn’t figure out how to set up things.
    If you allow me, here is a couple of suggestions:

    • Take a look a the assignation document and notice that the room is divided in squares and everything in the room is based on a square unit, the bed is 2 squares by 3 squares, the door is 3 and a half square tall, things like that.
    • As David Honn mentioned in the class since we’re beginners in perspective you can take a look at 1 point or 2 point perspective grids online to have an idea how to build your own. Or even use one of those.
    • You can take a picture of your room in the position that you want to built this room, from a corner or taking a peak from the door and then trace on top the orthogonal lines going through the vanishing points as David did in some examples. Doing that you will be creating an specific grid that you can use to start building up your assignment!

    Scott Robertson has a book on How to Draw heavily focus on perspective and he also states that you can use computer generated grids for your drawings, because at the end building up the grid is not the important part but think and understand the perspective. If I don’t understand perspective even having a grid won’t save me of having a hard time.

    Good luck with your assignment!

  • @TessaW Thanks a lot for your suggestion Tessa! I’m changing that in the final line drawing!

  • @Eywin You are over half way through! The hard part is already gone! Looking forward to see your finished assignment! 🙂

  • Hi Everyone! Thanks for your comments and suggestions! Here is the Final Assignment Completed! Both Line Drawing and some tones just to separate things.


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