An FYI regarding Asking for Critique

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    Hey folks, just thought you should know--There is actually a specific posting Category that you can use when you're asking for a "Serious Critique". I'm just putting this out there so you all know about it...

    When you make a post that starts a thread, you have to "Select Category", right? One of the options is "Serious Critique Requested". This category was created in the last year because there were some requests that were made and the responding posters couldn't tell whether the original poster wanted/needed encouragement and confidence-boosting, or whether they really wanted no-holds-barred opinions and observations.

    I'm not saying that every request is an "either/or" but it can sometimes be useful to long-time posters to see specifically the kind of responses you're seeking, especially if you're new to the forums and we don't know you as well as we should. The category mechanism simply helps to mitigate comments that might seem harsh or irrationally barbed when you're actually not expecting them... Make sense?

    I just wanted to point this out because we have a gloriously supportive, kind, flame-war free community here, and it would be awesome to continue that (admittedly bizarre and unique) paradigm if we can.

    Kudos to you all, and congrats on being what I, personally, feel is the #1 place for helpful advice!!! Woot!!

  • @Coreyartus good to know! Thanks for sharing that info

  • @Coreyartus yes, posting my cry for help with a logo in that category yielded incredibly useful replies!

  • @Coreyartus I looked for that today and I didn't see it as one of my choices. Maybe I missed it. Thanks for sharing.

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