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  • Hey everyone! I watched the video on SVS about getting freelance work and the importance of creating a mailing list and sending out postcards. I've heard this advice many times, so I went ahead and started one of my own.

    I noticed that while collecting addresses of publishing companies that many state to send art submissions in a separate way, and it is usually mentioned after the instructions of sending manuscripts. I imagine that those sending art submissions would also be looking for the same work as those sending postcards, so what is the difference in these two methods? The instructions for sending artwork seem much more detailed than sending a postcard and I've never heard of anyone doing this. Do publishing companies really prefer this, or do they just prefer a simple postcard that is easier to keep around?

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    @Kalimostlypaints unless you’re an author-illustrator sending in a manuscript with some art samples, I personally think that sending in a physical portfolio is already outdated not to mention the cost of printing multiple illustrations and sending them through the mail to various publishers nonetheless is astronomical. I say, go with post cards provided you include the link to your portfolio. That way if they’re interested they can still check your work.

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    It is my understanding that If they are asking for you to submit through an email they provide, definitely do that but you could also send them a postcard if you choose. That’s what I’m doing. It can’t hurt. I stopped sending packets of multiple printed images and am sticking to just the post card. I like the idea that the postcard will be seen by everyone who touches it before it gets to its destination. 🙂

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