Comic Critiques Please! :D

  • I'm working on my comic again! ( I'm trying to loosen up with my art style so it's quicker/nicer looking. This is my first panel where I've kept that in mind and tried for that, and I'm pretty happy with most of the faces in it! Except for Walter's. Something's way off with it but I can't put my finger on it. 😕


    Fur & Fangs is only 18 pages long right now, so it's not a big read if you'd like to go take a peek and give me feedback. I'm open to any and all critique.

    Would you be interested in seeing full sketched pages for critiquing?

  • I checked out your website. You have great character continuity in your comic. I really enjoyed reading about each character, it sounds like a really interesting cast of characters preteens/teens would enjoy. I think what you may be noticing that's off with Walters face on the sketch you attached is that his eyes are set on his face just a bit high. One thing I did notice on walter on your color version of him is that his freckles are a very high contrast to his skin, I would either darken his skin or lighten the freckles or do the freckles more transparent. Keep up the good work on your comic, and definitely share here on the forum! 🙂

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