Feedback and critiques on new art piece

  • Hi all! I could do with the collective taking a look at my new piece. This is the first draft so still very much a work in progress. I've tried to take the lessons from the previous piece and have a story. Let me know what you think.

    Illo 2 composition.jpg

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    @IanS This is so lovely and I love your storytelling here! The composition is strong and so is the drawing. The one thing you could really improve is up your contrast by a LOT. Everything is mostly middle tones here. The back end of the cave, and the parts up front framing the image both should be much darker to accentuate your focus point of the dwarf holding the egg. The dragon can stay in more darkness to be visible second to the dwarf, as a little "surprise" since that fits your story.

  • @NessIllustration Thanks for the feedback!

  • Here's the second draft. I've worked on the perspective and the character design a little more. It's still a way off being ready to move to final art so if you see anything which you think could be improved let me know. Cheers!

    Illo 2 composition 2.jpg

  • @IanS yay! I feel like I'm playing D&D here! This is a very fun piece!

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