Failure to Launch

  • Hey y’all, I have a pending project to whip up a drawing on my friend’s snowboard gloves ...and I keep hesitating to start.

    I’ve done this twice before for him and they gloves turned out pretty good. I think maybe I’m concerned about the pressure of producing something better than the previous ones. I don’t know.

    Now I’m getting to crunch time and I HAVE to start this week. My question is, does anybody else have this issue (hesitation just STARTING a project) and if so, how do you go about kicking your butt into gear and getting it going when you want to?

    For years I’ve always been very ‘on my own time’ with my artwork. I could draw well but only when I wanted to - I hated being to draw on command to show someone how well I could illustrate a ninja turtle or whatever. I would love to learn how to harness my creativity whenever I wanted.

    Anyway, rambling here but yeah, any help/tips/advice on the topic would be great! Thanks everyone:)

  • @Bricz-Art, yep, starting is the hardest part.

    Try just doing 5min, and see what happens.

  • I can totally relate.

    Sometimes we get in our own way, we think too much.

    Here's a few things I try to think of when I get like this.

    Just start - everyone will say this and it's true, even if its a fail. I'ts in the failing that you can make changes and get closer to where you want to get to.

    Know that the first thing you draw will not be good - allowing yourself this will make all the difference. Ed Sheeran says creativity is like turning on a tap you need to let all that brown shitty water out before getting to the good stuff, he was talking about writing songs same goes for drawing.

    I never draw on command - I was asked to attend a fair and set up a booth and do caricatures - I am much more comfortable drawing in my own space - I've a lot of respect for Caricaturists It's just not for me, mainly because I do so many crap drawings before I get to the good stuff.

    Hope that helps.

  • I’ve had this problem too, even with dream projects. If I’m having a hard time I put on Animal Crossing or other video game music 🙂 Some people put on TV in the background but I find it too distracting.

  • SVS OG

    One of my favorite quotes is this one from Bill Watterson, "Calvin and Hobbes" artist:

    “You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. What mood is that? Last-minute panic.”

  • @Jeremy-Ross good suggestion. Small bites finish big meals as I like to say. Sometimes it’s hard to remember my own advice I guess..

  • If I tell myself I'll only spend a certain alloted amount of time on something, say 20 minutes, set a timer, and if I want to stop I'll stop and try again tomorrow (don't lose too much time that way if it's an epic fail) however if I get in the groove I'll continue! Works great for cleaning as well!

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