Getting a late start on January contest! (WIP)

  • SVS OG

    I got back home after a long Christmas trip and hemmed and hawed about whether to participate in this month's contest. Quite honestly, the prompt didn't call to me, but then I thought, "Well, it could be that's exactly what I need right now--the challenge to produce something anyway!" And besides, I know I need more storytelling and thumbnailing in my work. So, here goes...

    January contest thumbnails.jpg

    After tossing about five conceptual takes into the rejection pile, I decided I didn't want to go in the direction of some odd creature making the tracks, and wanted a bit of whimsy instead. The results then fell into two categories:

    1. What if foxes actually did the foxtrot? In this case, Will is a hunting dog. But his heart isn't really into the kill.
    2. Weasels have a lot of comic potential, so what if Will is a weasel who finds dancing mice?
      2a) Or what if the whole weasel thing is a set up by some cunning rabbits?

    In each case, I like the idea of the scene occurring at night, because it adds whimsy. They're dancing under the moon, or under paper lanterns. Maybe there's even a sign that says "foxtrot tonight"? Or maybe that's too obvious, but I'll work it out in the next stage. And obviously I want to refine the tracks so that they actually look like those of animals dancing.

    The main problem, as you who have started this contest realize, is that you have to hide the explanation for the tracks somewhat from Will, but if you hide it too much, the viewer may not get it either. So my problem was always, how can I make it credible that we see the dancers, but Will doesn't?

    Anyway, I think my favorites are 2 and 7, or possibly 8 if I go with Will the Weasel. What do you guys think? This may not wind up a masterpiece, but I think the attempt will do me good!

    Thank you!!

  • Oh! You have a good point! I was also doing my thumbnails and left the explanation of the strange marks hidden. As a result, neither Will nor the viewer know why they are strange. Mhmmm, maybe I should go back to the drawing board.

  • I like 10! I think the composition works well and I think you could have fun playing with colour and the light coming from the 'dance floor' in contrast to the night sky and the path up to the trees and the hound. It feels very whimsical to me. However I understand your hesitation about the foxes being too small as I think the dancing foxes are probably the funnest bit to draw! I also don't think it's too obvious to include the 'fox trot' sign. Personally I wouldn't have clued in on the fox trot pun right away but that's probably just me :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:

  • SVS OG

    @eriberart You are right! I'm thinking, "I could put lanterns in number 2 as well! Or 6!" I really want to draw those elegant foxes! 😂

    @sisimite-azul I looked for yours but didn't see it! Maybe you haven't posted it yet. I was thinking maybe I could give you a fresh read.

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